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About Deuces Wild

This Microgaming video poker game is about as popular as you can get. This seems to be the leading Deuces Wild video poker game on the net, and that says a lot, since there are many of them to choose from. Deuces Wild offers you more flexible wagers than the rest, and is an easy to grasp version of a classic video poker genre.

How to play

As with all video poker games, you must place a bet before you can get anywhere. After your bet has been staked, you can then take a look at your opening 5 cards. Players must then decide which they wish to keep, and which they wish to let go. Clicking on each individual card will “hold” them for you.

You will then be dealt new cards to replace all of those which you have discarded. Those cards from your final poker hand, which will be checked against the paytable over that hand. If your constructed hand You tube bitcoin casino bitcoin slot videos matches on of those on the paytable, you will pocket a win. You have no opposition in this game. It is simply about building the best poker hand you possibly can.

This video poker games takes its name from the fact that all 2s act as wildcards in this video poker game. This means that they can replace themselves with any other symbols you need to win.

Wagering and prizes

Players do have quite a bit of control in how their wagers are constructed in this game. They can opt to wager anything from 1.25 per hand, up to a total of 25.00 per hand. As is the case with most video poker games, the more you wager the more you can win.

Paying hands in Microgaming’s Deuces Wild include 3 of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, 4 of a Kind, Straight Flush, 5 of a Kind, Deuces Royal Flush, 4 Deuces, and a Natural Royal Flush. The final hand is worth the jackpot of 4,000 coins, Casino 195 e delaware pl #1 chicago il 60611 if you wager the maximum stake.

Final thoughts

There is little surprise why Microgaming’s Deuces Wild is so popular. It has wilds, it has a broad wagering range, and offers you big money prize. It is more challenging to win on (since you need at least a 3 of a Kind to win anything) but those wilds should help you along the way.

Betcoin Review

Betcoin is a cryptocurrency casino. It has a wide range of games that you would need in your everyday playings like live dealers and live games, 3D slots and slots, roulette, video poker, bitcoin poker, blackjack, sportsbook and a lot more. Sportsbook lets you bet on events and matched that occur all over the world. The site is also very famous for its variety in poker tables.

This can be accessed only if you download the Windows version or selecting the mobile version. In addition to this, Betcoin Poker offers shared tournaments from Poker networks, which is very famous in the online poker world. Betcoin was started around 2013 and continues to grow and develop to date. The main reason why Betcoin picked up very quickly and still continues to grow is due to the vibrant platforms and amazing graphics quality.

How does Betcoin work?

Here, you need to use your cryptocurrency to convert them into chips. Every cryptocurrency is converted into chips. 1 BTC is equal to 1000 chips, and if you wish to use other exchange rates, they are calculated compared to Bitcoin. There is a deposit bonus that works very well with the total bonus of 3 BTC and 10 free spins. It also gives you 24/7 live support that works very well.

The Betcoin casino has the capacity to support the following forms of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum classic.

The betcoin lobby is a very attractive page as it is very rich in graphics and has a lot of background video clips. Due to the rich graphics, the site might take some time to load and can affect your internet connection, which can get slow quite often. This is not a major concern, but at times it does get annoying. You can prevent this by using faster web sites, or optimization of the website will increase the page speed. This will help the betcoin and casino page to work fast.

The next thing one should know is that the betcoin page is divided into several sections. This can be a little confusing at first, but you will get used to it. The different sections you can choose from are, live casino, regular casino, dice and poker, sportsbook, and virtual games. Basically, every game will not be located on the first page but will have subpages. Once you’ve figured out the positions of various games, you will not have any problems at all.

The betcoin casino also has a very large and strong community. There is a community page where a lot of activity and conversations take place. This is mainly related to various casino related topics. It is also used to merge the gap between the users and the staff. This platform is used to help and fix problems that the users have. This a really big step up for

Bonuses and Promotions

To make sure you keep playing and Free bitcoin casino games for windows 7 as tacting to have a lot of re-plays, betcoin provides you with a variety of bonuses and promotions. A new player can double their which is at least 0.05 BTC via the first 100% deposit bonus.

The following deposits that are the second and third deposits can be given out at 1 BTC. Players also have the option of receiving other promotions and bonuses through poker tournaments, freerolls and even deposit match bonus offers.

The following are the betcoin casino deposit bonuses that are available to players:

  • The first deposit is 100% bonus, which is applicable up to 1 BTC and 10 extra free spins.
  • The second deposit is a 50% bonus and is applicable up to 1 BTC and one extra free spin.
  • The third deposit is a 25% bonus which is again applicable up to 1 BTC and one free spin.

Hence, the total of the deposit bonus will add up to 3 BTC and 12 free spins in Total.

The downside or drawback to this system is that you can get the bonuses and Free online rome and egypt slots the free spins only after you become a bronze level to VIP member. It is a long process only after which will you be able to access these free spins and bonuses.

Once you have finished your first deposit as a bronze level, 2 members, you will have to contact the betcoin support and ask them to include your username and ask for your first deposit bonus at the casino. The same procedure is applicable and needs to be done for the second and third deposit bonus. Hence we can say that getting a bonus is a long procedure.

There are certain rules and regulations that you must follow to get your bonus.

As mentioned above the minimum deposit must be 0.05 BTC. It can also be greater than 0.05 BTC.

  • Once you reach the bronze level 2 VIP member status, you can contact support to claim the bonus.
  • If you continue to play and earn a higher VIP level, your requirements for the bonuses may change or even reduce.
  • A bonus can be wagered fifty times before the bonus money needs to be withdrawn. And that the bonus wagered after 30 days in any casino game.
  • Again, as mentioned above, there is an offer of 10 free spins that you will receive after you make a deposit. Once the deposit has been made, you can contact Betcoin support. Make sure to include your username to avail your free spins.
  • The same rule applies here too. You have to reach level 2 VIP member to get the free spins.

The VIP program member scheme

Betcoin uses this strategy to get loyal customers. They reward their loyal customers with a VIP program where they have many benefits, bonuses, and gifts. The VIP program is applicable to all the sections. This includes the casino, sportsbook, live casino, and poker. Playing any one of these games will add to your overall VIP level or score.

You need to collect status points to increase your levels and ranks. There are 3 levels in each of the VIP colors. Let’s take an example if you’re in level 1 bronze, level 2 bronze, and level 3 bronze.

After this, you will have the silver level 3, and it goes on.

  • Bronze level 3- 1+ SP
  • Bronze level 2- 1000 SP
  • Bronze level 1- 2500 SP
  • Silver level 1- 20,000 SP
  • Silver level 2- 10,000 SP
  • Silver level 3- 5,000 SP
  • Gold level 3- 40,000 SP
  • Gold level 2- 60,000 SP
  • Gold level 1- 80,000 SP
  • Emerald level 1- 200,000 SP
  • Emerald level 2- 150,000 SP
  • Emerald level 3- 100,000 SP
  • Ruby level 3- 250,000 SP
  • Ruby level 2- 500,000 SP
  • Ruby level 1- 750,000 SP
  • Diamond level 1- 1,000,000 SP
  • Diamond level 2- 2,500,000 SP
  • Diamond level 3- 1,000,000 SP
  • Master level is 10,000,000 SP

As when you progress in VIP levels, you get a lot more loss back. If you’re in gold level 2, you get a 2.9% loss back when you play casino slots, and if you’re in diamond level 2, you will get a 6.88% loss back. You can always view more details on the official Betcoin VIP page.

How do you progress in levels?

You need to collect status points to progress in levels. For every 1 chip bet you get 0.05 status points on the playing casino games. 0.1 status points for using the sports betting option. 0.025 status points by playing dice.

Other than the loss back option, Best bitcoin casino dragon quest 11 you also have different benefits. These are casino bonuses, free spins, Fortune room casino no deposit bonus code surprise boxes.

Adding an Account

If you’re interested in betting online and on betcoin, it is relatively easy. Bitcoin’s interface is very simple. First, you’ll have to create an account by registering with the website. For this, you will need a username, working email address, and a password to set up your new account.

When it comes to deposits or withdrawals, all the transactions are instant. If you want to deposit a certain amount, all you have to do is fund your account by sending bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency to the wallet address. You can also do this by scanning a QR code. The system for payouts is nothing but the same. The only difference is you it’s the opposite process. Withdrawals and payouts are transacted immediately, and you have nothing to worry about.

Casino Games that are present on Betcoin

There is a huge variety of games that are provided by Betcoin. Few of them are:

  • 27 video poker games
  • 20 table poker games
  • 12 roulette games
  • 7 baccarat games
  • Around 181 slot games
  • 47 jackpot slot games
  • 75 games of 3D slots
  • Bitcoin poker with real players
  • 10 provably fair games


The terms and conditions of the website were hard to locate. According to us, the link must be placed where it is easily accessible, like at the footer of the casino section. We had no issues with the live support, and it worked 24/7. The overall experience is very fun, especially for the ones who want to gamble using their Bitcoins, Litecoin, or any other form of cryptocurrency. The extra bonuses and free spins get you hooked very easily.

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