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Craps table COVID rules – Las Vegas Forum

Craps table COVID rules

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I am traveling Feb 17-20 staying at Mirage. Wondering if there are wait lists at craps tables? Are they allowing only 3 players on each side? If so, I assume the tables may be a little higher than normal?? Any info is appreciated?

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I believe that they are limiting the number of people at the tables to 6 (if not less). The Bellagio has plexiglass separators, none of the others did. When it comes to minimums, they started around $15 ($25 at the Cosmo, $20 at Caesars, Bellagio, Venetian, and Palazzo) and we were there mid week.

The Mirage was completely dead so I don’t think you will have a problem getting a space at one of their tables.

I haven’t been to Mirage in the past couple of weeks, but when I was last there, they had only one craps table open, The giant crypto slots diamond reels casino free games with no players. The six tables down towards the cashiers cage were closed down. The open table was by the Parlor Lounge. There are two tables there, one “crapless” and one normal.

The table min was $15. There were three dealers, and no players.

I opened the table and that attracted three other players.

I do not recall if Mirage had plexiglass barriers in place or not. Most craps tables are not limited to three or four players per side. I think the four players tables have plexiglass, and the three players tables don’t — without the barriers, they require more space between the players. Every casino I’ve played at has been pretty strict about keeping spectators away.

At most of the craps games I have played during Covid, the boss sanitizes the dice between each shooter. Sometimes, they give the new shooter only three dice to select from, the other two being wiped down. Whenever a die leaves the table, it gets wiped down again. Somewhere, I think maybe the MGM properties ad maybe the Station ones, they had two colors of dice at each table and alternated between each shooter.

I have had to wait for Chaise pliante camping geant casino a space to open up at a table, Dafabet casino no deposit bonus but except for holiday weekends, usually the table minimums are high enough that it is not a problem.

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