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This comprehensive Melee gearing guide will help you if you are coming back to RuneScape and want to get started with Slayer or Bossing. MmoGah provides you with tons of legit RuneScape Gold to buy the weapons and armour you need in the game.

Please click for more information about Youtuber Taki Maki who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:

1. The distinction between Tank armour and Power armour:

· Power armour should be used in almost all circumstances

· Tank armour includes PvM damage reduction

· Tank armour can be used when first learning a boss or when survivability is not possible with power armour. But once you’re more comfortable, you should transition over to power armour for more DPS.

2. Armour Sets

Full Bandos (5M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 70 Defence

2. Base DPS set for Melee

This is useful for a large variety of bosses because it has a very nice 87 Melee damage bonus.

Anima Core of Zaros (59.7M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 80 Defense

2. Minor upgrade over Bandos

3. Lacks prayer bonus

1. Requires 80 Defense/Constitution

2. Direct upgrade from Bandos with a very nice Life point bonus

3. Degrades to a broken state

Superior Vesta’s equipment/Superior Statius’s equipment (15.8M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 88 Defence

2. Similar stats to Malevolent

3. Great value if augmented

4. No Life points or Prayer and degrades

The downside to using this armour is that it degrades to dust, lacks Life points, and has no Prayer bonus.

Malevolent (24.9M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 90 Defence

2. Best DPS Armour

3. Degrades to dust

4. More value with Invention

This set degrades to dust but you can increase its longevity by augmenting it with Invention. It still degrades, but you can recharge it.

Verac the Defiled’s equipment (2M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 70 Defence

2. Cheap starter Tank armour

Of all the Barrows armour, you can choose Verac’s at 70 Defense. Verac’s is superior due to its cheap cost and inclusion of 4 Prayer bonus.

Linza the Disgraced’s equipment (36.8M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 80 Defence

2. 9 x the cost of Tetsu

3. Set effect reflects 500-800 damage

4. No Life points or Prayer

Tetsu equipment (4.6M RS3 Gold)

1. Requires 85 Defence

2. Superior set unlocked from ports

3. Useful when DPS does not matter

This is a decent set of armour to use if you’re first learning the boss of Melee or when your DPS does not matter.

Teralith equipment (untradeable)

1. Requires 90 Defence

2. Rare drop from raids

3. Useful for high-end bossing

This is untradeable but you can purchase a weaker version with Teci (rewarded for completing Raids). This armour is used for high-end bossing because it allows you to reset Defensive cooldowns.

Superior Elite Void Knight armour

1. +3% to Accuracy & +7% to Damage

2. Useful if Invention is not unlocked

3. Use at Rax/AoD

Void Knight equipment can be considered more useful than higher tier armour as it provides a very useful accuracy bonus that other armour sets do not provide, plus a damage boost. This makes it favourable for boss slaying such as at Vorago and Nex for players who are undertaking the damage role.

3. Capes

Obsidian cape (Style bonus: +17)

Cape of Accomplishment (Style bonus: +21)

Fire cape/Max cape (Style bonus: +26)

Abomination cape (Style bonus: +28)

TokHaar-Kal-Ket (Style bonus: +31)

Completionist cape (Style bonus: +43)

4. Necklaces

Amulet of glory (Style bonus: +26)

Dragon Rider amulet (Style bonus: +30)

Blood amulet of fury (Style bonus: +32)

Amulet of fury (t) (Style bonus: +34)

Amulet of the forsaken (Style bonus: +36)

Saradomin’s whisper (Style bonus: +36)

Brawler’s knockout necklace/Blood necklace (Style bonus: +44)

Amulet of souls (Style bonus: +46)

Amulet of souls (or) (Style bonus: +48)

If you are looking for a cheap necklace to get you started, take a look at the Amulet of fury (t)or Saradomin’s whisper, then work your way up to Amulet of souls by doing Reaper Tasks.

Situational necklaces

Reaper necklace (Style bonus: +36/38)

Boost accuracy (+3%): This is useful to get to 100% accuracy.

Amulet of Zealots: This is useful when you lack tier 95 Prayers. It increases the effectiveness of single-stat Prayers.

5. Gloves

Rock-shell gloves (Style bonus: +9)

Bandos gloves (Style bonus: +11)

Torva gloves (Style bonus: +12)

Gloves of passage (Style bonus: +13)

While worn, after the Havoc ability successfully hits, the damage within two ticks of the wearer’s next melee attack within 6 seconds is increased by 7%.

Razorback gauntlets (Style bonus: +14)

Situational gloves

Goliath gloves are a free set of degradable tier 80 tank gloves unlocked from the Dominion tower. These give a small chance to increase outgoing damage while also lowering the stats of the monster you are fighting. These also have the ability to reduce incoming damage.

Cinderbane gloves (Style bonus: +11)

They additionally have a passive effect that applies poison at 1/6 chance to targets (including those hit by Dwarf multicannon and variants) while worn.

Deathtouch bracelet (Style bonus: +14)

It has a passive effect that gives a 1/5 chance of reflecting 25–50% of damage taken back onto opponents, an average of 7.5% of the opponent’s damage.

Tank gloves

Superior tetsu kote

Achto Teralith Gauntlets

6. Rings

Warrior’s Ring (Style bonus: +17)

Luck of the Dwarves (Style bonus: +17)

Sixth-Age circuit (Style bonus: +21)

Asylum Surgeon’s Ring ( Style bonus: +21)

Asylum Surgeon’s Ring is the best in slot DPS ring and that is unlocked by completing challenges after the Broken Home quest.

Situational rings

Luck of the Dwarves

It can be used before the monster dies to increase your drop chance.

Ring of Vigour (Style bonus: +12)

This saves 10% adrenaline when you use an ultimate ability.

Ring of Death (Style bonus: +25)

Ring of Death saves on death reclaim cost. It should only be used if your cost to recharge it is cheaper than your death reclaim cost.

7. Boots


Rock-shell boots (Style bonus: +7)

Bandos boots (Style bonus: +11)

Bandos should be your first starter boots if you have enough RuneScape 3 Gold for it.

Torva boots (Style bonus: +12)

Being the second highest level boots of the power armour class, they provide the second highest damage bonus for the slot.

Emberkeen boots (Style bonus: +14)

Emberkeen is the best in slot, but the cost is extremely high.


Achto Teralith Boots

8. Auras

This aura costs 50,000 membership loyalty points. Berserker aura boosts accuracy, attack and strength, and Melee damage by 10%. The aura will increase damage received by 15% and reduce your defence level by 15%.

This increases accuracy from 3% to 10%. To purchase all the tiers, you’ll need 107K loyalty points.

Dark magic aura

This will give you a slight damage boost at a cost of 42.5K loyalty points.

9. Pocket Slot

Scrimshaw of vampyrism

This gives a 5%-6.66% Lifesteal.

Scrimshaw of attack

This gives 2%-4% accuracy, Online casino free bonus no deposit required south africa and this can be used in the same way as the Reaper necklace to help reach 100% accuracy. This is useful on bosses like Rex, Nex, and AoD.

You can also choose to use a God book inside your pocket slot:

· (I ) Book of Law (+7 Range, +4 Prayer)

· (I) Book of Wisdom (+7 Range, +4 Prayer)

· (I) Book of Chaos (+7 Range, +4 Prayer)

The Book of Law is the best in this category, and the Book of Chaos is the weakest. But the difference between these books is very minor.

Berserk Blood Essence

Berserk Blood Essence is useful without Overloads. This boosts offensive stats by (14%+2), and stat bonuses over 136 are possible.

If you are level 5 Attack in Barbarian Assault, you can buy the Attacker’s Insignia. This is useful if you have 100% hit chance, and it gives you a 500 damage bleed x 4 per proc chance.

Reflecting Blood Essence

This reflects between 5 and 2500 damage on proc, and you can activate this once per minute.

Vampyric Blood Essence

This heals a maximum of 2500 on proc, and Online bitcoin casino with live dealers it can also be activated once per minute.

10. Shields

Dragonfire Shield (70 Defence)

Bandos warshield (70 Defence)

Crystal shield (70 Defence, 50 Agility)

Blessed spirit shield (70 Defence, 60 Prayer)

Divine spirit shield (75 Defence, 75 Prayer)

Chaotic kiteshield (80 Defence, 80 Dungeoneering)

Attuned crystal shield (80 Defence, 50 Agility)

Linza’s shield (80 Defence)

Malevolent kiteshield (90 Defence)

If you want to pick up one to start using shield abilities, you can choose Rune kiteshield (Bandos) because it’s very cheap. When you get into higher level bossing, you can pick up Divine spirit shield due to its 30% damage reduction at the cost of Prayer points, you can also choose a Malevolent kiteshield.


Corrupted defender (Tier 70)

Ancient defender (Tier 80)

Kalphite defender (Tier 90)

Defenders are also another option in this slot, and these are unlocked via boss drops when you have lower tier defenders unlocked.

Defenders act as shield half their tier but allow for dual-wielding and shield ability to be used. These defenders also boost Accuracy by 3% and have a 1/15 chance to decrease the damage taken from a hit by 50-100%, which also increases the player’s accuracy for their next attack by 20%.

11. Weapons

Armadyl godsword (Tier 75, 1694 Accuracy, 1676 Damage)

Attuned crystal halberd/Chaotic maul (Tier 80, 1924 Accuracy, 1788 Damage)

Dragon Rider lance (Tier 85, 2458 Accuracy, 1788 Damage)

Annihilation (Tier 87, 2287 Accuracy, 1944 Damage)

Noxious scythe (Tier 90, 2458 Accuracy, 2011 Damage)

Zaros godsword (Tier 92, 2577 Accuracy, 2056 Damage)

You need to take a look at the Accuracy and No deposit bonus jackpot cash Damage rating on the weapon you want to choose, and then compare the price differences between 2 weapons that you can afford.

If you can’t afford the Noxious scythe and you don’t need tier 90 Accuracy, then Annihilation is a good option over a Dragon Rider lance for almost the same price.

Dual Melee Weapons

Kharidian (Tier 82, 2023 Accuracy, 1180 Damage)

Tetsu katana (Tier 85, 2178 Accuracy, 1561 Damage)

Ripper claw (Tier 85, 2178 Accuracy, 1224 Damage)

Blade of Nymora/Blade of Avaryss (Tier 85, 2458 Accuracy, 1152 Damage)

Drygores (Tier 90, 2458 Accuracy, 1653-1296 Damage)

Khopesh (Tier 92, 2577 Accuracy, 1324 Damage)

Dual Melee weapons are a little different because weapon speed plays a factor in the weapon’s damage rating making it seems like Drygores (Tier 90) are vastly better than Khopesh (Tier 92) if you don’t need the added accuracy.

Nymora and Avaryss are cheap weapons in this tier range and will last you long enough to make the jump to Drygores. All of the Drygores weapons are very cheap for the stats you get from them.

If you have access to player-owned ports, Tetsu katanas are nice to have, but they are severely outclassed once you reach 90 Attack.

Superior Dragon weapons (Tier 70, 1486 Accuracy, 1285-1008 Damage)

Crystal Dagger (Tier 70, 1486 Accuracy, 1008 Damage)

Korasi’s sword/Jessika’s sword (Tier 75, 1694 Accuracy, 1389 Damage)

Chaotics (Tier 80, 1924 Accuracy, 1470 Damage)

Weapons without off-hand counterparts

Abyssal whip (Tier 70, 1486 Accuracy, 672 Damage)

Vine whip (Tier 75, 1694 Accuracy, 720 Damage)

Second-Age sword (Tier 80, 1924 Accuracy, Online casino free bonus no deposit required south africa 768 Damage)

Linza’s hammer (Tier 80, 1924 Accuracy, 768 Damage)

Lava whip (Tier 85, 2178 Accuracy, 816 Damage)

Superior Vesta’s longsword (Tier 88, 2343 Accuracy, 1078 Damage)


There are 4 Spears to choose from if you want to start doing some Corporeal Beast bossing:

Zamorakian spear (Tier 75, 1694 Accuracy, 1676 Damage)

Chaotic spear (Tier 80, 1924 Accuracy, 1788 Damage)

Mizuyari (Tier 85, 2178 Accuracy, 1899 Damage)

Superior Vesta’s spear (Tier 88, 2343 Accuracy, 1966 Damage)

Superior Vesta’s spear is by far the best spear in the game, making it the most effective option to use against the Corporeal Beast. The only downside to using this spear is that it will eventually degrade to dust, but it is still worth it for the added accuracy.

Keep checking back for more RS news and guides related to RS Gold. We have a RS3 1-99 Construction quick guide and 6 best bosses you should be killing for RS07 Gold in the game of RuneScape 2007.