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Paysafecard Casinos

Controlling your spendings by using a prepaid card type payment method may be a great idea once you decide to gamble at real money casinos. How can Paysafecard help you with that? Keep reading in order to find out more about Paysafecard and Wild jackpots casino no deposit bonus its features, along with a list of 1044 websites that accept this banking method. A total of 166 out of these are available in France, which you can see by activating the country filter.

If you want to get to our best France casinos for Paysafecard, as well as more information on Paysafecard and a brief list of similar payment methods, keep scrolling past the casino list below.

Paysafecard Online Casinos

Best paysafecard Casinos for France

Our gamblers rate the casinos they’re playing in– and that is how this list is sorted to display only the best ones available in your country. Choose your favorite below!

Other Popular Casino Banking Methods

In the following list you will find some other comparable payment providers you can use in online casinos, if you are unable to access Paysafecard for one reason or the other.


Paysafecard was founded in 2000 and it is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. In 2013, Paysafecard was acquired by Skrill, and in 2015 it became part of the Skrill Group within the Optimal Payments Group. Nowadays, the Optimal Payments Group has rebranded and is known as the Paysafe Group. In between all of these, in November 2014, Skrill also acquired Ukash, one of Paysafecard’s biggest competitors.

Paysafecard is a prepaid voucher-type payment method, and as of 2018 it is available in over 40 countries, covering most of Europe and North America, New Zealand, Australia, and also some regions in Western Asia and South America. All of this sums up in over 25 currencies, and more than 25 languages, as the company’s 2018 statistics show. The video below will show you a summary of Paysafecard and its main features, along with how to create a Paysafe account and why:


There is no wonder so many online casinos accept payments via Paysafecard, as this baking provider truly offers so much to its users. For your convenience, we have listed the main advantages of using it below:

  • Prepaid System

Paysafecard can be found at 500,000 retailers around the world and its main appeal is that it helps you control your spendings. The adjacent depositing procedure can help you plan out your spending, which is a plus when you are gambling online.

  • Anonymous Operations

Many users want to stay anonymous while gambling for real money, which is exactly one advantage Paysafecard offers to its users. The only thing you will have to do is to buy a Paysafecard from a shop and start playing, no personal data attached.

  • Safe Procedures

It comes as no surprise that Paysafecard is a safe baking option. After all, the word is right there in the company’s name. While you use it, your details stay anonymous, and you have full control over choosing the amount of cash you want to deposit and when to activate it.


In order to use Paysafecard in an online casino, you will need to go to a local retailer and buy a voucher with the specific amount that you need. The vouchers are sold in different amounts, usually ranging between $10 and $100. You can charge your Paysafecard at various terminals around your town and get a receipt for it as well. Each card voucher or receipt has a unique PIN that you have to provide at your online casino of choice in order to proceed in making a deposit.

For an example of the Paysafe deposit process, check out Chipy’s tutorial below on how to buy Paysafecard PINs and use them to add money to your casino balance:

There is more! If you want to see everything you need to know about Paysafecard, take a look at Chipy’s Paysafecard tutorials Youtube playlist!


Paysafecard offers its own mobile application,where you can manage your spendings by scanning the QR code off of the voucher or receipt. You can then log in quicker with your fingerprint and even keep a track of your transactions by creating an account. By far the best part of this mobile app is that you can request a Paysafecard. Just generate the barcode and go to the closest retailer to pick it up!


  • Deposits

In order to make a deposit at an online casino using Paysafecard, just choose it as a payment method in the online casino’s afferent section and provide the 16 digits PIN code from your voucher. The money will show up in your balance and will be yours to gamble with in no time!

  • Withdrawals

In order to withdraw your winnings, go to the Paysafecard section of your casino account. Complete the required information and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. The money will take some time to arrive in your Paysafecard account, depending on the online casino’s policies. If you want to read more information on this topic, you can access Paysafecard’s withdrawals section on its official website.

  • Fees

Additional charges may occur with Paysafecard, and these can be found in Paysafecard’s fees section along with the afferent terms and conditions.

Grosvenor Casinos in UK

Grosvenor Casinos are one of the highly recognized brands throughout the UK. This page offers information relating to the Grosvenor Casino poker rooms along with contact information, tournaments, cash games and an address. All of the casinos on this page require membership before you’’ be able to enter the card room however membership is free by filling out a simple application form.

Grosvenor Casino Locations

Below is a list of Grosvenor Casinos by location. This page provides contact information and address for all of the locations listed on this page. Listings marked with a (T) include a current tournament and cash game schedule for that particular location.

  • Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Birmingham
  • Grosvenor Casino Bolton (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Blackpool (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Bristol (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Brighton
  • Grosvenor Coventry (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Cardriff (T)
  • Grosvenor Dundee (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Empire St
  • Grosvenor Casino George St
  • Grosvenor Casino Yarmouth
  • Grosvenor Gloucester
  • Grosvenor Casino Wharf Quays
  • Grosvenor Casino Hove
  • Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield
  • Grosvenor Casino Leeds
  • Grosvenor Casino Leisure
  • Grosvenor Casino Liverpool
  • Grosvenor Casino London
  • Grosvenor Casino Luton
  • Grosvenor Manchester (T)
  • Grosvenor Newcastle (T)
  • Grosvenor Merrion (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Plymouth(T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Portsmouth
  • Grosvenor Casino Ramsgate
  • Grosvenor Bitcoin casino android app real money Casino Reading
  • Grosvenor Casino Salford (T)
  • Grosvenor Southhampton (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Sheffield(T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Stoke(T)
  • Grosvenor Swansea (T)
  • Grosvenor Victoria Casino
  • Grosvenor Casino Walsall (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Whitworth (T)
  • Grosvenor Casino Westwood

Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Grosvenor Casino is open 7 days a week starting at 5pm until 5am. The casino offers slots, table games and a selection of poker tournaments in addition to dealer dealt cash games. The casino also provides a hire a dealer service for private games. Below is the contact information and current poker schedule for the Grosvenor Casino in Aberdeen.

Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen Address / Contact

5 Exchequer Row

City Wharf Development

Aberdeen, AB11 5BW

Telephone: 01224 569 830

Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen Tournament Schedule

Mondays – £15 Freezeout with a 4,000 starting stack.

Tuesday – £30 Super Deep Stack Freezeout with a 10,000 starting stack

Wednesday – £3 Unlimited Re-Buy tournament with a 1000 chips to start.

Thursday – £40 Super Deep Stack Freezeout with a 10,000 starting stack

Friday – £20 2 x £10 re-buys or one re-buy and one add-on, with a 2,000 starting stack.

Saturday – £25 ‘SCALPS’ Freezeout with a 5000 chip stack. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Bolton

The Bolton Grosvenor Casino offers daily dealer dealt cash games and poker competitions in both Texas Hold’em and Omaha. All tournaments begin at 8pm with registration opening up at 7pm. A complimentary buffet is available Wednesday nights for tournament players only.

Grosvenor Casino Bolton Contact / Address

Moor Lane



Telephone: 01204 375820

Grosvenor Casino Bolton Tournament Schedule

Monday – £15 + one £10 re-buy tournament

Tuesday – £20 Freezeout tournament

Wednesday – £50 Triple Chance

Thursday – £15 + £5 unlimited re-buys and the tournament plays a round of each (Texas Hold ’em and Omaha)

Friday – £20 Plus 1 £20 re-buy tournament

Saturday – £25 Double Chance Freezeout tournament

Sunday – £15 plus 1 re-buy and 1 add on tournament. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Dundee

The Grosvenor Casino Dundee offers daily poker games including cash games and poker competitions. Cash games and single table tournaments are available on Tuesdays only from 8pm, and we have included a current tournament schedule for you below. Late registration is available on all tournaments during the first 45 minutes of the tournament. A beginner’s night is available for players who need some assistance learning the game and the casino offers dealers for hire.

Grosvenor Casino Dundee Address / Contact

142 West Marketgait



Telephone: 01382 309 120

Grosvenor Casino Dundee Tournament Schedule

Sunday – £30 Texas Double Chance Freeze-Out (w/free buffet).Registration from 2pm – 3pm with game starting at 3:15

Sunday – £20 4-card Omaha PL with one add-On. Registration from 7pm – 8pm with game starting at 8:15pm.

Last Sunday of Month – £75 Deepstack with 1 Re-buy or add-on. Registration from 2pm – 3pm with game starting at 3:15pm

Monday – £10 Texas NL Triple Chance Freezeout. Registration from 7pm – 8pm and game starts at 8:15pm.

Wednesday – £3 Texas NL Unlimited Re-buy Tournament with registration opening at 7pm – 7:50 and game scheduled to start at 8pm.

Wednesday – £15 Texas Hold’em plus 2 Re-buys with registration opening at 7pm till 8pm and game scheduled to begin at 8:15pm.

Thursday – £20 Texas NL with 2 Re-buys (w/free buffet) . Registration opens at 7pm till 8pm and game is scheduled to begin at 8:15pm.

Friday – £5 Texas NL Unlimited Re-buy with registration available from 7pm – 7.50pm, and game scheduled to begin at 8pm.

Friday – £40 Texas Hold’em plus £20 Re-buys. Registration from 7pm – 8pm and games scheduled to begin at 8:15pm.

Saturday – £10 Texas NL Freezeout with registration from 2pm-3pm and game schedule to begin fifteen minutes later.

Saturday – £25 Texas NL Scalps with game schedule to begin at 8:15 and registration available at 7pm. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Blackpool

Grosvenor Blackpool Casino provides live entertainment, a full dining room and Bitcoin casino online paysafe daily poker games both cash and tournament. All poker tournaments start at 8pm, except for the Sunday afternoon, which begins at 3. Registration is available on hour prior to the schedule game time and all games are played in No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Grosvenor Casino Blackpool Contact / Address

The Sandcastle

South Promenade

Blackpool, Difference between round port and slot port FY4 1BB

Telephone: 01253 341 222

Fax: 01253 405 637

Grosvenor Casino Blackpool Tournament Schedule

Monday – £5 re-buy tournament

Tuesday – £30 Double Chance Freezeout

Wednesday – £20 Second Chance, 1 re-buy or 1 add in the first 90 mins

Thursday – £40 Triple chance Freezeout (dealers for first 7 tables guaranteed

Friday – £50 Big Stack Freezeout with a complimentary buffet for all players. Dealers available for first seven tables.

Saturday – £15 Second Chance with 2 x re-buys and the tournament will begin at 2:00pm

Saturday – £30 double chance freezeout

Sunday – £20 Second Chance with 1 re-buy or 1 add-on. The tournament begins at 2pm.

Sunday – £75 Super Sunday Deepstack with a complimentary buffet for all registered players and dealers available on the first seven tables. View all locations

Grosvenor Swansea

Grosvenor Swansea rookie nights are held every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Registration is from 7:15pm with the tournament starting at 8:00pm. Sunday tournament registration starts at 5:45pm with the tournament beginning at 6:30pm.

Grosvenor Casino Swansea Location

15-16 High Street



T: 01792 655227

Grosvenor Swansea Cash Games

Tuesday’s – Dealers Choice with min £50 buy in up to £500 and blinds of £1 / £2

Thursday’s – Dealers Choice with min £50 buy in up to £500 and blinds of £1 / £2 £5

Daily – NL Hold’em with min £20 buy in up to £100 and blinds of 50p / 50p (10% rake capped at £5)

Grosvenor Swansea Tournaments

Thursday’s 8pm – Deep Stack event + 1 half price Re-buy or Add-on. Buy-in £30 with a max limit of 88 players. 8pm start.

Friday’s 8pm – Rookie Night with limited half price Re-Buy. Buy-in of £10 with max limit of 88 players.

Sunday’s 6:30 – Double Chance Freezeout with £30 buy-in and max limit of 88 players. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Cardiff

Grosvenor Cardiff hosts a regular Freeze-Out every Friday night. Registration starts at 5:30pm with the tournament beginning at 8. Buy-in £10 and membership cards must be seen before players can register.

Grosvenor Casino Cardiff Location

The Red Dragon Centre

Atlantic Wharf, Hemingway Road


Grosvenor Newcastle

The Newcastle casino offers weekly and daily tournaments including guarantees, freezeouts and re-buys. Membership cards are required for registration. Registration for tournaments starts at 8pm each night.

Grosvenor Newcastle Casino Location

100 St James Boulevard

Newcastle Upon Tyne


T: 0191 260 3303

Grosvenor Newcastle Tournaments

Fridays – £2000 Guaranteed. Min 50 players with a £20 buy-in.

2nd Saturday of each month – £100 Freezeout with seats awarded each Saturday.

Monday’s – No Limit Hold’em £20 Freezeout + £5 Wildcard.

Tuesday’s – No Limit Hold’em £10 Freezeout.

Wednesday’s – No Limit Hold’em £15 Deep Stack Freezout.

Thursday’s – No Limit Hold’em £10 +£5

Friday’s – No Limit Hold’em £20 Double Chance Freezeout.

Friday’s – £2000 Guaranteed. Min 50 players with a £20 buy-in.

Saturday’s – No Limit Hold’em £25 Double Chance Freezeout.

2nd Saturday of each month – £100 Freezeout with seats awarded each Saturday.

Grosvenor Newcastle Cash Games

Cash games are available daily from 11pm till close. Games played are in Texas Holdem format with minimum 10 pounds buy-in up to 50 pounds. Blinds start at 25p/50p. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Southampton

Grosvenor Casino Southampton hosts daily tournaments and cash games except for Fridays where they rent out the poker room and dealers are available for How old to go to casino ontario hire. All tournament start at 8pm unless otherwise stated and registration closes 10 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Grosvenor Casino Southampton Location

Leisure World

West Quay Road, City Centre, Southampton, SO15 1RE, UK

+44 23 80334333

Grosvenor Southampton Cash Games

Tuesday and Sunday’s – Dealers Choice with a min buy-in of £20 up to £250. Blinds are 50p/£1 with a 5% rake

Monday, Tuesday and Sunday’s – Mah Jong with a min buy-in of £20 up to £200. Blinds are 50p or £1 and fan free

Tuesday and Thursday’s – Kalooki 40 (No Jokers) with a min buy-in of £50 up to £500. Blinds are £5 / £10 / £20 with £2.50 rake

Daily – Kalooki 40 (No Jokers) with a min buy-in of £25 up to £300. Blinds are £2 / £5 / £10 £2.50

Grosvenor Southampton Tournaments

Monday’s – No Limit Texas Hold’em with a buy-in of £10 +re-buys and add-ons. Max of 99 players.

Tuesday’s – Texas Hold’em with a £20 buy-in and limited re-buy. Max of 140 players.

Wednesday’s – Rookie Re-buy with a £5 buy-in and $250 added. Max of 72 players

Thursday’s – No Limit Texas Hold’em with a £15 buy-in and limited re-buy. Max of 72 players.

Saturday’s – No Limit Hold’em Re-buy with a £10 buy-in with re-buys and add-ons. Max of 72 players. Saturday’s – No Limit Texas Hold’em Freezeout with buy-in of £50 and max limit of 72 players. 2pm start time.

Sunday’s – No Limit Texas Hold’em Freezeout with a £30 buy-in and max of 99 players. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Bristol

The Bristol location offers weekly tournaments played in Texas Hold’em format only. Cash games are available periodically and players should call the casino for details.

Grosvenor Casino Bristol Location

266 Anchor Road



T: 0117 929 2932

Grosvenor Bristol Cash Games

Sunday’s – Texas Hold’em with a £20 buy-in. £5 with a dealer or £2.50 fee without.

Grosvenor Bristol Tournaments

Saturday’s – Double Life Freeze Out with re-buys. Buy-in is £10 with £10 re-buys. Game starts at 2:30 pm with registration open one hour before game. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Manchester

Grosvenor Casino in Manchester is open 24 hours a day offering dining, gaming and poker tournaments. A dress code is in effect and players need to be at least 18 years of age to enter into the casino. The casino’s poker games include nightly tournaments in No Limit Hold’em in addition to dealer dealt cash games. Below you will find a current schedule for the Manchester Grosvenor Casino including contact information and location.

Grosvenor Casino Manchester Contact / Address

2 Ramsgate Street

Manchester, M8 9SG

Casino: 0161 831 6370, Freephone: 0800 064 6000

Grosvenor Casino Manchester Tournament Schedule

Monday – £15 Double Chance with one add-on for £5

Tuesday – £20 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack with unlimited re-buys for the first 90 minutes.

Wednesday – £15 No Limit Hold’em Freezeout Super Stack tournament.

Thursday – £30+1 Re-buy/Add On

Friday – £10 No Limit Hold’em plus 1 rebuy or add-on at £5

Saturday – £10 plus 1 No Limit Hold’em tournament with the tournament scheduled to start at 3:00pm

Saturday – £10 + 1 Re-Buy

Sunday – £20 Plus 1 Re-Buy at £10. This tournament is scheduled to begin at 3pm.

Sunday – £20 Freezeout View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Whitworth

The Whitworth Grosvenor Casino in Manchester offers dealer dealt cash games and tournaments, along with private sessions available on request. Cash games are available 24 hours a day with blinds starting at 50p – £1 and up to £200 buy-ins. The casino holds a weekly beginner’s night for new players. Please contact the casino for tournament schedule or to book a private game.

Grosvenor Casino Whitworth Address / Contact

Excalibur Building

Whitworth Street


M1 6EZ

T: 0161 228 3141

F: 0161 236 5262 View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Salford

Grosvenor Casino Salford holds daily and nightly tournaments in addition to cash games. Beginner sessions are available by contacting the casino directly. Session fees do apply to all cash games and tournaments. All tournaments (except Wednesday nights) at the Salford Grosvenor Casino start at 9pm with registration opening one hour before game time.

Grosvenor Casino Salford Address / Contact


Regent Road


M5 4QU

T: 0161 839 0467

F: 0161 839 0479

Grosvenor Casino Salford Poker Games

Monday – £10 NL Hold’em

Tuesday – £45 Double Chance tournament

Wednesday – £20 NL Hold’em Triple Chance Freezeout

Thursday – £25 NL Hold’em Double Chance Freezeout

Friday – £10 Re-buy NL Hold’em

Saturday – £20 Double Chance Freezeout + £5 Bounty tournament.

Sunday – £15 NL Hold’em View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week offering daily cash games and poker tournaments. All of the tournaments are played in NL Texas Hold’em format and capped at 100 players per game. Registration opens one hour before game time, with tournaments scheduled to start at 8:30pm each night and late registration is available during the first 45 minutes of the game.

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield Address / Contact

87 Duchess Road


S2 4BG

Telephone: 0114 275 7433

Fax: 0114 272 3667

Grosvenor Casino Sheffield Tournament Schedule

Monday – £5 unlimited re-buy tournament with re-buys available for the first 90 minutes. Tournament includes a guaranteed prize pool when 60 players (£1000), 50 players (£750) or 40 players (£600) register

Tuesday – £15 Freezeout with £5 bounty.

Wednesday – £40 1 re-buy and / or add-on.

Thursday – £25 double stack freezeout tournament.

Friday – £15 unlimited re-buy tournament with re-buys available for the first 90 minutes. Tournament includes a guaranteed prize pool when 60 players (£2100), 45 players (£1500) or 30 players (£1000) register.

Saturday – £30 Freezeout

Sunday – £50 double chance freeze out, includes a deepstack and the tournament begins at 3pm.

Sunday – £20 Freezeout tournament View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Merrion

The Leeds Merrion Grosvenor Casino is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The casino includes free parking, a restaurant and bar along with slot machines, table games and poker games. All cash games are dealer dealt and dealers are available for hire for private games. Tournament and cash game information is available by contacting the casino directly.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Merrion Contact / Address

Podium Building

Merrion Way



T: 0113 244 8386

F: 0113 244 8384 View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Plymouth

The Plymouth Grosvenor Casino is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week with most cash games and tournaments scheduled nightly from 8pm to 6 am. The casino holds a weekly rookie night for beginners, whereby a £5 NL Texas Hold’em Re-Buy tournament is available on Thursdays with an 8pm start time. Rake poker tables available daily. Below is contact information and current tournament schedule for the Grosvenor Casino in Plymouth. All tournaments begin at 8pm (except for Sunday tournaments) with registration available one hour prior to game time. Late registration is available for the first 90 minutes of the game.

Grosvenor Casino Plymouth Contact / Address

Drake House

Derry’s Cross



T: 01752 668922

F: 01752 225820

Grosvenor Casino Plymouth Tournament Schedule

Monday – £15 NL Texas Hold’em Freeze-out + Deep Stack

Tuesday – £20 NL Texas Hold’em Freeze-out + Deep Stack

Wednesday – £10 NL Texas Hold’em with 1 Re-buy and / or 1 add-on

Thursday – £5 NL Texas Hold ‘em Re-Buy Tournament

Friday – £10 Texas Hold’em Freeze-out (League Event)

Saturday – £20 NL Texas Hold’em Triple Chance Freezeout

Saturday – £35 NL Texas Hold’em Deep Stack Freezeout (Game starts at 6:30 pm) View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Coventry

Grosvenor Casino Coventry is located on Phoenix Way in Foleshill Coventry and offers daily tournaments and cash games, including a weekly freeroll awarding seats to a £50 satellite. The casino is equipped with a restaurant, bar and live entertainment. All cash games are dealer dealt and include are subject to fees (rake). Below is contact information and tournament schedule for the Coventry Grosvenor Casino.

Grosvenor Casino Coventry Address / Contact

Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way

Foleshill, Coventry


Telephone: 024 7668 4747

Grosvenor Casino Coventry Tournament Schedule

Monday – A freeroll is available every Monday, awarding two seats to a £50 satellite. The tournament begins at 7pm and players will receive 3000 chips to start.

Monday – £5 Re-buy tournament with double add-on. Tournament is scheduled to start at 8:30 with 2,000 chips to start.

Tuesday – £15 Freezeout tournament with 5,000 chips to start, and the tournament is scheduled for 8:30pm.

Tuesday – £5 “Round of Each” Tournament (Hold’em / Omaha). Players receive 2000 chips to start and the tournament is scheduled to begin at 10:30pm .

Wednesday – £15 High Speed Deepstack Tournament with 15,000 chips to start and scheduled to begin at 8:30pm.

Thursday – £20 Deepstack Freezeout with a bounty. £5 of the buy-in will go towards the bounty and the remaining £15 towards the prize pool. Tournament begins at 8:30pm and players will receive 7,500 chips to start.

Friday – £20 Double Chance Freezeout tournament with 2 x 3000 chips and scheduled to begin at 8:30pm.

Saturday – £20 Deepstack Freezeout scheduled for 6:30pm and 7,500 chips to start.

Sunday – £15 Freezeout available at 4:00pm with 5,000 to start.

Sunday – £30 Deepstack Freezeout with 10,000 chips to start and an 8:30 pm start time. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Stoke

The Grosvenor Casino Stoke offers dealer dealt cash games Monday and Tuesdays only from 11pm until 6am. The casino no longer charges session fees for regular scheduled poker tournaments. Instead they take a percentage of the rake from the prize pool. Weekly beginner nights are available as are private games where you can hire a dealer or choose to have the games dealt by players.

Grosvenor Casino Stoke Contact / Address

The Octagon

New Century Street, Hanley

Stoke on Trent


T: 01782 275710

F: 01782 219945

Grosvenor Casino Stoke Tournament Schedule

Monday – Pot Limit Hold’em 10 £25/£250

Tuesday – Pot Limit Hold’em 10 £25/£250

Wednesday – £5 Pot Limit Omaha re-buy tournament capped at 80 players. Tournament starts at 9p.

Thursday – £20 No Limit Hold’em Freezeout capped at 80 players and the tournament begins at 9pm.

Friday – £5 No Limit Hold’em tournament capped at 80 players and scheduled for 8pm.

Saturday – £30 No Limit Hold’em Deepstack Freezeout capped at 80 players and scheduled to start at 7pm.

Sunday – £5 No Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha capped at 80 players and scheduled to start at 6pm. View all locations

Grosvenor Casino Walsall

The Walsall Grosvenor Casino is open daily from 12pm to 6 am Monday through Friday. The casino is equipped with a restaurant, 30+ gaming machines and table games. Although they don’t have a wide selection of tournaments available, the Walsall Casino does offer two nightly games (details below) in addition to dealer dealt cash games.

Grosvenor Casino Walsall Contact / Address

Bentley Mill Way



T: 01922 645222

F: 01922 645007

Grosvenor Casino Walsall Poker Tournaments

Daily NLH poker tournaments available capped at 150 players and buy-ins ranging from £5-£50. The casino runs two events and seating is on a first come first serve basis. Late registration is available. View all locations

Other Grosvenor Locations and Contact Information

*Note – At the time of this review, the locations below did not offer a tournament schedule that was publicly available. You will need to contact the casino directly for information regarding cash games and/or tournaments.*

Grosvenor Casino Birmingham

Fiveways Leisure Complex

Broad Street

Birmingham, England B15 1AY

United Kingdom

T:+44 121-6313535

Grosvenor Casino Empire St

2 Empire Street

Cheetham Hill

Manchester, England M3 1JA

United Kingdom

T:+44 161-8348433

Grosvenor Casino Yarmouth

Marine Parade

Great Yarmouth, How to win money on doubledown casino England NR30 3JG

United Kingdom

T:+44 1493-850444

Grosvenor Gloucester Casino

4-18, Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LJ

United Kingdom

T:020 7373 7134

Grosvenor Casino Huddersfield

Saint Thomas Road

Folly Hall Mills

Huddersfield, England HD1 1LS

United Kingdom

T: +44 1484-422441

Grosvenor Casino Liverpool

76-78 West Derby Road

Liverpool, England L6 9BY

United Kingdom

T: +44 151-2608199

Grosvenor Casino Portsmouth

18-24 Osborne Road

Portsmouth, England PO5 3LT

United Kingdom

T:+44 23-9282-1512

Grosvenor Casino Reading

Queens Road

Reading, England RG1 4SY

United Kingdom

T:+44 118-9594642

Grosvenor Victoria Casino

150-162 Edgware Road

London, England W2 2DT

United Kingdom

T:+44 726-27777

Grosvenor Casino Brighton

9 Grand Junction Road

Brighton, England BN1 1PP

United Kingdom

T:+44 1273-326514

Grosvenor Casino George St

35-39 George Street

Manchester, England M1 4HQ

United Kingdom

T:+44 161-2367121

Grosvenor Casino Gun Wharf Quays

Gun Wharf Quays

Portsmouth, Free euro bitcoin casino England PO1 3TZ

United Kingdom

T:+44 23-9273-2277

Grosvenor Casino Hove

Albany Mews

28 Fourth Avenue

Hove, England BN3 2PQ

United Kingdom

T: +44 1273-720261

Grosvenor Casino Leeds

Podium Building

Merrion Way

Leeds, England LS2 8BT

United Kingdom

T: +44 113-2448386

Grosvenor Casino Leisure World

West Quay Road

Southampton, England SO15 1RE

United Kingdom

T:+44 23-8033-4333

Grosvenor Casino Ramsgate

The Pavilion

Harbour Parade

Ramsgate, England CT11 8LS

United Kingdom

T:+44 1843-585678

Grosvenor Casino Westwood

Margate Road

Broadstairs, England CT10 2BF

United Kingdom

T:0800 064 6000

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