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Aristocrat is a household name in the world gambling industry. It is one of the giants of the online casino software providers along with NetEnt and Microgaming. The company supplies Aristocrat slots to diverse online casinos in over 200 countries all around the world. One may find Aristocrat casino games in countries like the United States, South Africa, and Japan.

Aristocrat Leisure Limited (this is the full name of the company) is one of the most popular gambling games suppliers. It also provides its services to land-based casinos and, therefore, can boast of good experience in the gambling industry. It is a trustworthy company that has a loyal client base, a positive reputation, reliable security systems, and, of course, high-RTP slot games. It is also widely known due to the release of the most exciting slots of all times like Queen of Nile, 50 Lions, Where’s the Gold, Choy Sun Doa, and many others.

So now, it is high time to find out a little bit more regarding Aristocrat casino games, its history, achievements, and, as a whole, about its operation on the market. Besides, you will find out what Aristocrat slots were released in 2020, where to find the best games if it is possible to play Aristocrat slots for free, and what Aristocrat casinos offer the best bonuses.

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Aristocrat Company History

Back in the 1950s, the Aristocrat company released its first slot machine. It was the gambling software provider who started its career from the release of the on-land gambling machine. In 1996, it appeared on the Australian Stock Exchange due to its growth and prosperity. A bit later, Aristocrat became a noble chairman of the Ainsworth Game Technology – one of the biggest gambling corporations of all time. With the development of the online gambling industry, Aristocrat started supplying its products to online casinos. The company provided diverse gambling platforms with card games, slots, roulette games, etc. Being one of the oldest and Oferta empleo casino gran madrid one of the most reputable games suppliers, it was trusted by the newest online casinos. Besides, in the conditions of the sluggish competition, its business grew up swiftly and abruptly.

At present, the company has over 60 years of experience in the gambling area and over 2,000 employees in its departments all over the world. It delivers pokies (online Aristocrat slots), on-land Aristocrat slot machines, classical card, and online casino table games to over 200 countries of the world. Besides, it upgrades its software on a regular basis. Therefore, it brings joy to its fans year by year and 3dice bitcoin casino no deposit bonus its business keeps growing.

Aristocrat Casino Software Platform

Being one of the biggest software providers, Aristocrat has two patented systems “Hyperlink” and “Reel Power”. On these two platforms, you may place stakes and get a win in a shared jackpot pool. The systems serve as portfolios where you may try games and, besides, win money. “Reel Power” is a platform for Aristocrat slots where you need to purchase reels and not line bets like in ordinary slots. “Hyperlink” contains games altogether.

To visit these platforms means to have a marvelous opportunity to test new games and to try old good ones. So even though Aristocrat is not an online casino itself, you may find its games gathered in one place, test them and even win money. There you may also get acquainted with Buffalo slot series – one of the most popular Aristocrat slot series of all times.

Besides, Aristocrat has purchased such big gaming studios as Plarium Global, Big Fish Games, and Product Madness and there you may also enjoy the company innovations.

Aristocrat Casino Mobile Gaming

Being a progressive company, Aristocrat does its best to make its slots and table games adjustable to mobile screens of diverse sizes. Aristocrat casino games do not lose the image and sound quality even in the case of a smartphone. Besides, you may find both: Aristocrat casino apps (that should be downloaded) and online versions of your favorite games (that can be accessed via any mobile browser). You may play not only using your mobile phone but also virtually any portable device for that. Aristocrat slot machines for Android products and places to eat near emerald queen casino iOS (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) will help you to play exciting Aristocrat slots at any time and from any place. The only condition is that you should have a reliable Internet connection. Even if your phone is overloaded with apps, online mobile games guarantee that your mobile device memory will not be overused. So if you want to play slots on your smartphone, pay attention to Aristocrat slots like Queen of the Nile, Red Baron, Sun and Moon, and Moon Festival. These games are well-adjusted to a smartphone screen, have high-quality pictures, and convenient design.

Aristocrat Casino Bonus

Being on the gambling market for many years already, Aristocrat has always been aware of its mission to attract and satisfy its players. Therefore, it has always been offering extremely lucrative and generous bonuses of all types: deposit, no-deposit, welcome sign up, and non-sign up, etc. The offers vary: some online casinos mix offers and, therefore, you may get a bunch of free spins alongside with virtual money. Besides, the offers may be extended and you may receive a peculiar number of free spins every day during a week. It all depends on the type of casino you chose. As a rule, you will get a bonus after making your first deposit (the deposit to be made depends on the Aristocrat casino rules). For instance, online casinos like Slots Magic Casino, BetVictor, or Royal Panda will offer the most lucrative bonuses for Aristocrat casino slot games with the minimum deposits and combinations of virtual money + free spins. At the same time, some Aristocrat casinos offer no-deposit bonuses. Below you may find out more info about this offer.

Aristocrat Casino No Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

It is quite fair that some users are willing to play Aristocrat slots online free before making bets and spending real money on games. People never buy shoes before trying them on and the same refers to slots. Aristocrat company understands it pretty well and thus releases slots that can be spun without making a deposit. Among the best Aristocrat free slots you may find Timber Wolf, Jaguar mist, Big Red, Tiki Torch, Big Bang, Indian Dreaming, Pelican Pete, and several others. However, the number of free spins directly depends on the online casino that promotes Aristocrat free casino games. For example, in Betsson Casino you may get up to 100 free spins, in Mr Green casino up to 200, and in Betsafe up to 20 ones only. So please always check the terms and conditions of each casino in each specific case.

Apart from free spins, you may also get virtual money to play Aristocrat slots online. Beep Beep, Lucks or La Fiesta online casinos offer up to 50 USD welcome virtual money bonus to try Aristocrat slots before depositing real money. However, again, it is always better to consult with the terms and conditions of each specific casino as the offers may vary seasonally.

Found TITOs and credits, a new plan

I have discussed abandoned credits and found TITOs on the GWAE podcast in the past. Typically, if I find a few credits on a machine, I will cash out the ticket. If I find a significant amount on a machine, I will cash out the ticket and wait around for 15 minutes to see if anyone comes back to claim it. More than a few times, the person comes back, starts looking around the machine and I ask them if everything is alright. If they tell me that they left credits in the machine and can at least approximate the value, I give them their ticket. If after a reasonable time, no one comes looking for it, I cash it.

I found a ticket on 7/5/19 at a local casino. This ticket was actually hanging out of the machine. The timestamp on the ticket showed that it has been cashed out 10 minutes before I saw it. I picked it up and the amount was $75.97. Now, this isn’t a fortune but is more than a few nickels. I saw a woman who I thought may have been playing that machine and asked her. She said she wasn’t playing that machine. Another person came by looking at that machine and I asked him if he needed any help. He said no, he was just looking at the machine.

I had a play at the machine next to this one and stayed in the area for about an hour. No one came back to claim the ticket. At that point, I had an idea. I want to give the person who lost the ticket an opportunity to claim it but I have very little faith that if I turn it over to either a slot tech or security that they will make much effort to find the owner. Then the ticket either goes to the casino coffers or the state coffers.

So, I decided to hold on to the ticket for a while. So, if the person came back later that day or the next day, they could contact s slot supervisor, identify the machine and the amount of the voucher, see it wasn’t cashed, cancel the voucher I found and issue a new voucher to the owner. If no one ever comes back, I just cash the ticket on my next trip to that casino.

To me, this strikes a pretty good balance. The person who lost or forgot the ticket has ample time to redeem it. The state or the casino doesn’t pocket the unclaimed ticket. The ticket is secured from the large population of people that would pocket the ticket and not think twice about it. This method won’t work for a casino I rarely frequent or for an out of state casino if I am leaving that day. In those cases, I will wait around for the 15 minutes or so to see if someone claims the ticket.

Not a perfect solution but it’s the best one I have at the moment. I ended up cashing the ticket on 7/12/19, with no issues. Civil comments are welcomed.


Ever got in trouble?

No, I have never had any issues.

A friend of mine found a voucher at Casino Windsor several years ago. She continued playing and about an hour later, security came up to her, said she had claimed an abandoned ticket and asked her to give back the money. She did and that was the end of the issue. Zero repercussions.

“if the person came back later that day or the next day, they could contact s slot supervisor, identify the machine and the amount of the voucher, see it wasn’t cashed, cancel the voucher I found and issue a new voucher to the owner.”

I didn’t know that was possible. I thought a ticket was as good as cash. The casino can really cancel it if someone can describe it like you’ve suggested? Do they have to describe the ticket in exact and correct detail or can they just be in the ballpark?

Yes, they can cancel a TITO. For Spin bitcoin casino fr the situation I described, if the person came back and told the slot tech or slot supervisor that they left a ticket in the machine and gave the approximate amount, I believe the casino would cancel the original TITO and issue a new one. For the casino, it doesn’t cost them anything and creates goodwill with the customer.

I am not sure if this applies to all properties, but at mine, if someone did not have a players card in the machine, and could only approximately state the amount, they would not be able to claim the ticket without a Surveillance review (for things over $20). This is because it would only take a few seconds for someone to see an approx. amount and claim someone else’s ticket, which then causes the actual owner to come back and claim the ticket that was paid to the false claimer. The casino is then liable for the amount because they gave it to the wrong person without actually verifying ownership… I have seen this happen dozens of times and each time I do the face-palm at the fact that a one minute phone call and a two minute Surveillance review and response could have saved hundreds of dollars and irate guests, who then tell their friends, costing untold more money…

Some of the other agents would hate these types of calls, but I always loved getting old forgetful’s money back, even with no reward… even when the slot or security person got the tip… don’t care, i just like seeing the owner happy they got their stuff back. 🙂

I would (and have) turned on the service light of that machine, wait for an attendant, have them determine now to handle it. I wouldn’t touch the ticket. Should the player return, which usually happens within a minute, and I recognize that person as the one who was playing the machine, no problem and I would probably turn the service light off. If I didn’t recognize the person who pulled the ticket I would leave the light on and explain what happened to the attendant.

These days the machines keep beeping pretty loudly until the ticket is removed. The beeping might ‘invite’ a wrong person to pull that ticket, but I still would not pull it myself. I’d wait for an attendant and tell what happened..

Once I even forgot to cash out, about $90 worth. Within a minute when I remembered, I ran back to the machine. Darn…the ticket had been cashed out. Oh, well. Figured I was a $90 loser for being stupid. Then a nice casino attendant walked up, asked “Are you looking for something?:” Yes. She had already cashed it, turned it into someone, then radioed someone I was back for the ticket. The whole thing took maybe 2-3 minutes. Did they check surveillance? I don’t know, but they seemed certain I was the rightful owner, I was impressed.

Cashing a found ticket is clearly illegal, as has been discussed in the LVA QOD multiple times. In your article you do not mention that what you are doing is illegal, which is disappointing. However, it is interesting to read how you rationalize your illegal action as somehow ethically OK.

How is finding an abandoned ticket clearly illegal? That is a huge supposition. I haven’t found anything to indicate that cashing in an abandoned ticket in Michigan or Nevada, is clearly illegal. If you are disappointed that I don’t say things that I don’t believe, you will be clearly disappointed with what I write.

Again, show me something that says what I did was illegal. I haven’t seen anything to back up your claim. And I’m not rationalizing. I am offering a different solution to an issue. My method at least gives the person who left the ticket the opportunity to claim it. Again, I haven’t seen any evidence to show that the casino will make the same effort. And I have seen, in at least one case, where the casino made zero effort to find the person who left a ticket behind.

I was playing a machine at MGM Grand in July and a MGM employee (not sure what her title was but very nicely dressed) walked by and noticed a $10 credit on the machine next to me. She cashed out the ticket and inserted it in my machine. We had a little talk and she said unclaimed titos are supposed to go into a fund for the school district but rarely makes it there. I was a little more than dumbfounded.

In Pennsylvania, what you did could have got you arrested. Even if no one claims the voucher, in the eyes of PA law you took money that belonged to someone else.

In Pennsylvania, the charge is called “theft of mislaid property”. In PA if the person goes to security and they find the ticket has been cashed, the state police become involved. A few people have been arrested at PA casinos for it since PA casinos opened. They arrested a lady last year in my hometown who found a wallet in the parking lot of a drugstore and didn’t turn it in. The police pulled the video tape and the store staff knew her from her picking up prescriptions.

Definitely against the law in many jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions have run stings in the past and left TITO tickets in machines and arrested those that took them.

I realize certain states ( Colorado comes to mind) have rather punitive views on abandoned tickets. In those states, I would handle things differently. In Michigan, I haven’t heard of anyone being arrested since the famous case at Motor City about 15 years ago. I think the Michigan casinos would be very reluctant to arrest someone for this. Now, they have booted out silver miners ( for between a day and a week) but those are people whose sole casino activity is looking for vouchers. I play in these casinos so I very much doubt anything would happen.

You have two potential issues with taking the ticket: one, laws that say the ticket belongs to the person who was playing the machine, and two, “laws” (de facto practice in jurisdictions where the casinos ARE the law, such as Nevada) that say the ticket belongs to the casino. Like that woman was dragged off to jail for picking up a nickel and putting it in her pocket, you’ll lose any argument that comes up.

A couple of months ago, I sat down at an empty slot chair to answer a text that had come in on my phone. I engaged in an animated virtual conversation with the friend who had sent it, and after about fifteen minutes, I glanced at the machine’s screen and saw that there was $27 worth of credits. I cashed them out and scurried over to a cash-out kiosk, and then left immediately. I felt apprehensive that I might have been observed by security, World casino catskills new york and somewhat irrationally, I felt a sense of guilt. In retrospect, I think the best thing to do in such situations is leave the damn thing alone. As the amount of the ticket/credits rises, you have more incentive to grab it but the potential offense increases in magnitude. It’s just not worth the risk–though I might think differently if I needed the money to pay the rent or something (but in that case, why would I be in a casino?).

Kevin, everyone talks about the law that says the abandoned ticket belongs to a casino or belongs to the person who played it but I have never seen the actual law quoted. I realize there may be state laws and federal laws but I have never seen anyone cite an actual statute covering this. I did a google search and could not find any specific law that covers this situation.

Leaving the ticket alone is certainly an option. I prefer my new method for several reasons: 1) There is a chance that the original owner will be reunited with his ticket. 2) If no one claims it, I get the cash instead of the state or the casino.

As previously mentioned, if I really thought the casino would make a good effort to find the owner and that if the owner isn’t found, the money goes to a good cause, I would turn in the ticket. Based on what I have experienced, I don’t the casino will make much of an effort to find the owner.

Nearly every state has regulations for lost and found. Nevada has:

NRS 205.0832 Actions which constitute theft.

1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, a person commits theft if, without lawful authority, the person knowingly: (subsection 2 is just a clause for vehicle repair people…)

(d) Comes into control of lost, mislaid or misdelivered property of another person under circumstances providing means of inquiry as to the true owner and appropriates that property to his or her own use or that of another person without reasonable efforts to notify the true owner.

This being said: I think it is admirable that you have a somewhat “robin hood”-esqe thought process about it, which most people don’t have. I worked in Surveillance for over a decade, and lost and found tickets were a big portion of the daily calls for reviews. The casino is in fact required to make an effort to find the owner, just the same as you are. The same law applies to a business as it does an individual.

This all being said again: just dont touch things that arent yours. “keep your hands to yourself” has no greater meaning than a place where people piss and puke all over everything. actually, come to think of it, this is why i dont gamble… i have seen too many things get bodily fluids on them XD

I’d maintain that I make ‘reasonable efforts to notify the true owner’.

Sorry but putting it in your pocket and sitting quietly, only asking someone if they come back looking for it is NOT an effort. The amount of time you do this doesn’t matter, once you have picked it up and placed it in your pocket, you crossed the legal definition by NV law… And your argument holds no water if you think what you are doing is a ‘reasonable effort’ but the casino doing the same thing you would do (put it in their pocket and wait for someone to come looking) is not a reasonable effort? Your ‘method’ is the same that a casino uses, per your own words… I am here to tell you that (my) casinos do make an effort to track down the owner, much more than waiting for someone to come claim it. Of course not every casino has the same policies, just like not every person has the same… doesn’t make it right to assume that all casinos are going to break the law just to keep $70 in unclaimed credits, just like it isn’t right to assume the average player would steal the ticket.

Why isn’t that a reasonable effort? The person can come back to the area and retrieve the ticket. The person can also go to security and ask about their missing ticket. Giving them a week to do so is pretty reasonable.

I’m curious to hear what your local casino does to find the owner of a lost ticket. I don’t believe a casino will tell you their policy on lost tickets, so how did you learn about your local casino’s policy?

And I disagree that a casino makes the same effort I do. I have no evidence to support your claim. What I do have is that a casino has no real motivation to find the owner of the ticket. I at least make a reasonable effort to return the ticket.

Again, if I have evidence that a casino will make a reasonable effort to find the owner, I would do things differently. But I don’t have any evidence to support that position. Also, if the casino would let me keep the ticket if no one claimed it, I would also turn in the ticket. That option isn’t available.

I know my local casino’s policy because it is MY casino. I ran the Surveillance department for over 10 years and during that time, returned untold hundreds of thousands of lost and found dollars. I still work there in a different capacity and still know that we return a lot of lost money to its owners, any time that we can, for any amount over $20 (we set a limit because of the pure volume of these calls). I review these types of calls/incidents on a daily basis.

Most of the time, the people aren’t aware that they lost the money. Some times, they walk up to a machine, insert a ticket for hundreds of dollars, and then for some reason (alcohol, tired, etc) forget what they just did two seconds ago, and they run back to the last machine they were at, looking for the lost ticket they just inserted. This is why I say that putting a ticket in your pocket is not a reasonable effort. The casino will look at the last machine and tell them that they printed the ticket and took it with them, but can still cancel the ticket and reprint it if still live. Then you are in possession of a paid and invalid ticket, but again, you didn’t DO anything requiring effort. Think of that ticket as a wallet or cell phone (which we also return by the dozens every single day). If you just picked up someones wallet and told yourself that holding it in your pocket is an effort to find the owner, and after a week this is now your wallet, again, you are breaking the same law I quoted in the other post (which I am not sure you read, since you question how I know the policy at the casino that I stated that I still work at).

The idea that you need proof or support that this occurs is unreasonable. Just go apply at a casino for a low level position, and once hired, ask to see the policies, and then quit. Casinos are required to make the same effort required by the same law you are required to abide by. Trust me when I say that 99% of casinos do not need $70, or $700, or $7,000 dollars to survive, and just about every slot ambassador or lead will happily accept the tip they might receive for returning that money to a customer. This is most of the motivation to find the owner (along with general customer retention, word of mouth, etc).

The reason you can’t keep the money is a slot ticket is only valid when cashed by a casino, until it is cashed, it is worth less than the paper it is printed on (minimum internal controls mandate that tickets are validated before being paid except for Casino 595 in certain circumstances…). It holds no value once the casino cancels the ticket, so of course you couldn’t claim it the same way you could cash or other items of value (I believe all L&F laws state that items of value can be claimed by the finder once a time frame elapses). The general steps my casino takes for lost tickets is as follows:

Customer finds slot ambassador or lead and tells them where they thought they were at and the amount of the ticket. Call is placed to Surveillance to request review by slot lead once the ticket is verified to not be live and over $20 (live tickets are cancelled, under $20 may be paid by FSP depending on customer status). Surveillance reviews the customer from the time they appear to realize they have lost the ticket (this is very visible on camera) to the time and machine given by slots where the ticket was cashed. Usually, the ticket is dropped on the ground and someone else picks it up, sometimes it is taken from the printer. Surveillance then reviews the person who took the ticket, finds them and directs slots to their location. If the person who took it does not make restitution, security is involved. Depending on the value of the ticket, that person is given either 24 hours to pay, a formal trespass, or law enforcement is involved. Depending on the status of the customer who lost the ticket, and the amount of the loss, they may be given free slot play or told to check back after 24 hours, and notes are made on the customer’s account that they lost the amount (in case it is paid back). This process and the return payments are later audited by internal audit to be able to report on the amounts given back to customers, and to make sure internal theft isn’t occurring on the part of the casino (all amounts not claimed should be traceable to accounting ledgers).

In your particular case, if security had to contact you to get the ticket back, and you pulled it out of your pocket and gave it back explaining that you were waiting for the person to come back, you would get a warning against picking up things that are not yours, and a note would be entered in your account that stated you received a warning. If this happened again, you would be trespassed for not abiding by L&F law (not a casino policy… the law!)

I will gladly discuss policy, lost and found, theft, law, or AP and Australian online casino minimum deposit 5 cheating (my specialty) anytime you want. Or anything else Surveillance, gaming, regulation related… email me.

“Like that woman was dragged off to jail for picking up a nickel and putting it in her pocket, you’ll lose any argument that comes up.”

This was in Michigan, not Nevada, and she won her case against MotorCity Casino as the MI Supreme court literally said abandon money belongs to the finder.