Rare ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse: Hypnotizing pictures from across the globe

Beauty present in Uttarakhand is sunrise, sunset, and many Hindu temples which almost all of the people visiting that place would like to go to those places.

Uttarakhand has hotels of various ranges, peoples of middle class family and high profile family also can choose this place as their visiting places for religious purposes.

People can find several hotels which can satisfy their wishes like to live in high status room. Hotels in Uttarakhand are situated in all over the place so that it can show all of the beauty present in that places.

Shocking footage shows the 2.7 tonne mammals, which are each twice as heavy as a vehicle, attacking the empty cars at Brys caves in latest uttarakhand news, northern India, and smashing one of the back windows.

They generally charge 3000 bucks for two persons and for one night stay. Affordable homestays in Nainital:

The local people rent their houses for homestay with prices that can be afforded by the tourists. All facilities are included in the package ranging from food, bedding, and other necessary things.

They may charge a little bit more than hotels but you will be provided with homely atmosphere in homestays.

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Yashveer drove over the victims as revenge for his father’s murder and to avoid imprisonment for the rape case, the Deccan Herald reported. 

Enraged father strangles his 17-year-old ‘rape victim’…





Indian woman in her 40s ‘is gang raped in a school where she…

that a solution to boundary issues would be sought through negotiations.”

Nepal on Saturday condemned India’s “unilateral act” that “runs against the understanding reached between the two countries…

While India should be set to benefit from the so-called “demographic dividend” over the next decade as its working population is set to increase by about 9.7 million a year between 2021-31, that will quickly fade as the nation’s fertility rate plunges below replacement level.

Ananda in Himalayas, with its Victorian Balustrades and Mughal archways is a fine specimen of Indo-Islamic Architecture.

Nearby from the bustle of this yoga town is Narendranagar, the home of India’s first location Spa.

Northern India experienced a near-full eclipse, with 99.4% of the sun blocked during the peak. 

The full annular eclipse was visible from parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia throughout Sunday.

The most enticing feature which is remarkable is the availability of most demandable courses like BSc in Agriculture, Bachelors in Journalism, Mass Communication, BSc Animation, Diploma in Fashion, Bachelors in Biotechnology and many more. Providing academic knowledge, along with promoting efficient training and on-job applications is a practice adopted by Colleges in Uttarakhand. These Colleges in Uttarakhand are institutions of higher and technical education that play a vital role in the transition of India from a developing country to a developed one. Colleges in Uttarakhand are very much at par comply with highest standards of technical education and encourages research in emerging engineering domain.

We reached Rishikesh before the darkness set in. We opted for a not so expensive accommodation on the banks of river Ganges, refreshed ourselves and retired to bed as we were so tired after the long journey.

Visuals from Haridwar and Rishikesh

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River Ganges flowing through Rishikesh

Statue of Shiva in Haridwar, 2009 – Before the Devastating Flood in 2013.

Rafting in Rishikesh


Lakshman Jhula, suspension bridge in Rishikesh


Final Destination – Rishikesh

Rishikesh is around 20 kilometers (12 miles) further northwest of Haridwar. The fact that we couldn’t sleep properly in the bus en route to Haridwar made us supersleepy. It is almost on the other side of river Ganges.