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5 Best Bitcoin Casinos Revealed – Crypto Gambling Guide

Looking for Bitcoin casinos to play with crypto or free BTC bonuses? Read my guide to bitcoin gambling based on my experience at crypto casinos. To save your time, here’s 5 best Bitcoin casinos for 2021, 7 HACKS, and answers to 5 FAQs to check first.

On this page you’ll find:

  • Hack 1. Choose Hybrid over Bitcoin Casinos
    • What Are Original Crypto Casinos?
    • What Are Bitcoin Casinos?
    • What Are Hybrid Casinos?
    • What Is a Provably Fair Random Number Generator?
  • Hack 2. Check Bitcoin Gambling Casinos for Fairness. Provably Fair Guide
    • Verification Process Revealed
    • Verification Guide
  • Pros of Crypto Gambling Casino Sites
  • Hack 3. Don’t Neglect Crypto Casinos Cons
  • Hack 4. Differ Safe and Secure BTC Casinos for Bitcoin Gambling
    • Licensing
    • Restricted Territories
    • 24/7 Customer Care
    • Best Casino Providers for Bitcoin Gambling
    • Bitcoin Casino Reviews
  • Hack 5. Play the Best Casino Games with Bitcoin
  • Hack 6. Do Double Check of Casino Banking Limits
  • Hack 7. Clues for Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses
  • 5 FAQ about Bitcoin Casinos & BTC Gambling
  • Conclusion

I come up with the site to provide useful info, hacks, step-by-step guides, and show the way casino players can win fiat money or electronic cash, like Bitcoin.

That’s right! From discussing the drama with crypto withdrawals and uncertain status in the countries to opening up about absolutely fantastic provably fair technology, I, Rhyker and my team of crypto experts and enthusiasts cover it all in the article. The fact that many players don’t know about crypto gambling… shocked me and my team. So, here is my provably fair guide to learn more about this technology and how it really works.

Anyway, that also made us realize that we had to talk about these online casinos making our position clear and loud enough. To discover SEVEN of the biggest revelations from our study, read through the review. Though we would say to play for Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin cryptocurrency is as a risky attempt to win money at a casino, with most crypto gambling experts agreeing Bitcoin is a highly volatile currency. So as the pros, we should advise to turn your attention to EOS or another crypto instead of BTC.

But first things go first! We chose to show the advantages of the best bitcoin casinos in the review. Why? The coin first made its mark as a valuable form of currency that runs on blockchain. It has become the value of real-world transactions — as a money. BTC is the oldest and the biggest coin among crypto released in January, 2009. That’s because it’s not really a reckless thing to play for Bitcoin today. A brand new segment of online casinos is more QUICK, SAFE and CHEAP! But we know more than this, so we offer you to discover something you may not have expected when pressing play with BTC at the best online casino sites in 2021 with us.

Hack 1. Choose Hybrid over Bitcoin Casinos

It’s been a wonderful year for bitcoin play at online casinos and now we’re ready to unwind and let you into action with our crypto play guides and hacks. You might have heard that to gain the trust, top Bitcoin casinos claim to be using provably fair algorithms to ensure the validity of each dice roll or turn of a card. Provably Fair systems work based on cryptographic hash functions. But what you don’t know not all bitcoin casinos are provably fair. For those who are interested in particular description of bitcoin casinos divisions, the proofs and all the details on how provably fair algorithms work, read on…

What Are Original Crypto Casinos?

Original crypto-only casinos choose to adopt a provably fair RNG, their games are built on blockchain by developers working for them. They operate independently from traditional fiat currencies. Such provably fair gambling at online casinos means no central bank and they operate solely in the peer-to-peer marketplace, for example, Primedice, Duckdice, OneHash, Bitvest, Stake casinos.

Therefore, Bitcoin or Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin or 126 more possible cryptocurrencies are transferred through crypto wallet addresses. The trusted crypto casino sites allow you to check each card turn, dice roll, roulette and even slot spin was random for yourself. How does it look like? You enter a casino, choose a game to play and just click on the special tab that opens up the “validation window” where you can check the hash string.

One more highlight of original crypto casinos is the game selection. Here you should not expect to find a wide variety of games like in general virtual casinos. The collection is much smaller and can contain 10-12+ unique games only, including dice, roulette, keno, plinko, mines, wheel, blackjack, baccarat, limbo, and other titles.

Currently, the crypto casino library with more than a dozen of items provided is considered to be a decent one. The game features is not so extensive in comparison with the regular casino entertainments, but it doesn’t mean they are boring. They are worth a try definitely. However, there are not live casino games at all. Though a smaller quantity, the quality of all the content offered is excellent on all the devices whatever computer, phone, tablet, laptop or any other gadget is used.

Besides that, the design of crypto-only casinos differs from the traditional houses as well. Despite the fact that it’s still a casino, no sparkling banners will be found on the BTC gambling site. Yes, the crypto casino websites are usually designed in plain 2.0 style with simple user-friendly interface and bright colors used to grab your attention.

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

Real money casinos that have been operating with traditional currencies, and also having bitcoins as a deposit and/or withdrawal method are called bitcoin casinos, but they are not always provably fair. Read our Uptown Aces casino review to have a better understanding of the type.

Bitcoin casinos 2021 work like usual online casino and their Random Generator can be tested by the third parties like eCogra only. Also, they are licensed and regulated by the leading and reputable gambling commissions in the industry.

The selection of games in bitcoin casinos is larger than in the original ones and is pretty wide. It can include hundreds of items. Besides, they provide a wide range of games to play with live dealer. Here you’re to provide your identity info to create a player account and join the casino. Thus, you don’t gamble anonymously.

What Are Hybrid Casinos?

Here is the thing that there is one more division of crypto casino sites that caught our attention. These are online casinos that offer provably fair games built on blockchain for a play with crypto together with a traditional content of entertainments for fiat and crypto currencies within one casino site.

They are called hybrid crypto casinos. And we find them to be the best solution for online players who wants to reach the provably fair dice, roulette, blackjack, poker products, to play with bitcoins, and still to have a choice of games and software suppliers for real money gaming. Such casinos can provide thousands of titles from slot games with different themes to card and table games.

What is a Provably Fair Random Number Generator?

A provably fair random number generator (PFRNG) is the mathematics that go into producing the randomness of your dice rolls, slots spin or card shuffling of blockchain based games. You can prove that outcome has been pre-determined and not changed after the bet is made. Most casinos implementing provably fair games have their own verification methods and tutorials to assure randomness and absence of any manipulation on their side.

If you wonder if all games at hybrid casinos are provably fair. Many of the games can be verified if there was any interference in the game or any error in the payout. To check the result of any bet yourself and have complete transparency and confidence in our Bitcoin games, you should learn different algorithms.

This is because there are different ways of doing this for table, card and slot products. We wonder if there is a possibility to crack PFRNG. YES and NO? Searching through bitcoin forums, blogs, Btc hi lo game we’ve discovered that experts share the same view you can read below.

Also, if you’re wondering if you should expect a big win at provably fair bitcoin casinos, the answer is yes. We’d like to recommend these two sites: DuckDice – the House edge 1%, CryptoGames – the House edge 1.97%. Read on and you will find the information about the biggest wins in crypto and how to check the casinos’ work!

Hack 2. Check Bitcoin Gambling Casinos for Fairness. Provably Fair Guide

The end of the bitcoin casinos review is bittersweet. And we are getting to the end with dozens of questions instead of the answers. And trust us: after today’s review of provably fair techniques used at top rated casino sites (which you can see a sneak peek in our table), you will indeed have dozens answers.

Not only have we investigated it, but the best bitcoin casino operators promise that as much. Also we should say that gamblers can’t be prepared fully, so check each btc website for yourself before register with any and sign up for a bonus. A reliable online casino site should have a separate “Provably Fair” page where it tells how their system and check work.

Verification Process Revealed

Provably fair works by publishing the hash of a secret before a game. So by the end of a game round, this secret is released. So you can compare the results. Publishing the hash of a secret prevents the casino operator from changing it and by extension, the game result.

What is a seed? It’s a short string of byte values transformed into a key to help calculate an outcome of a game round. There are 2 types of seeds taking part in a verification process: the server seed and client seed. The first is generated by the casino server and displayed as a hash, e.g. b31d032cfdcf47a399990a71e4.

Another seed is made by you, to be more precise, by your hardware. So when a game is played, the operator shows the seed which you can then input into a trusted calculator from third-parties to return the hash. If it matches the server seed, the game was fair and went without any mid-changes. Yeah, knowing the seeds and nonce (a bet number) it is real to calculate a wager/spin result.

Verification Guide

Here is our how to step-by-step guide to verifying Bitcoin casino is really fair (FYI, this a very simplified version of a process):

  • Place a Bet
  • Click on the Bet to Check the Details
  • Copy Client and Server Seeds (Nonce and Hashed)
  • Click on Provably Fair Tab to Choose a Checker
  • Enter the Seeds to Verify Your Result
  • Your Roll Number Should Match

Most casinos implementing provably fair games have their own scripts and algorithms to generate a random seed. However, nowadays, developers stick to what is “common” so with that you might see different casino websites using same algorithm, like Mersenne Twister, for example.

Provably Fair Cards. Some generate a shuffled deck using the “secret” technique. The top shuffling techniques for card games is called the ‘Result’. The operators first use a Fisher Yate’s Shuffle method to generate the shuffled deck along the Mersenne Twister algorithm to produce random numbers for the Fisher Yate’s Shuffle. So the numbers become random.

Provably Fair Slots. Or Bitcoin casino online promotion they produce a reel model. Every reel is made as a list of tiles as they appear. Then, a random location is generated for every reel to stop at. The best pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) is used to do that. It’s also the Mersenne Twister algorithm which generates a random number for every online slot.

FYI, the code along with transactions on the blockchain can be publicly audited in a more robust manner. Instead of you (players) manually checking each round, casino software can be audited once to assure its fairness. So you periodically can observe the checks confirming the online casino code wasn’t altered.

Pros of Crypto Gambling Casino Sites

Benefits come in many forms. Security, confidentiality and facilities of access can be your goals, and your best option then is a verified and trusted hybrid crypto casino. And we found a few more advantages of such BTC online casinos. With players’ goals in mind, we rounded up an array of 6 bitcoin casinos pros. Some are though-provoking—to give to the online players from USA, where betting bitcoins at online casinos hasn’t been acknowledged as legal. But either it is illegal. So let’s check the points as for a start.

  • Uncertain status – the authorities of USA and other countries haven’t imposed regulations for crypto. You may play with the money legally at any bitcoin casino website you want. And using any popular service, you can exchange BTC winnings for real money.
  • Confidentiality – no entering your personal details, withdrawing verification, nickname, password are only needed to start playing. All payments are made between 2 parties without the need of a third one. And that eliminates a possibility of an unknown organisation to gain access to your sensitive data.
  • Security – the wallet address is your only publicly available information when play online. But you have to be up to the most secure wallet types: hardware, online, mobile, desktop, paper to choose the best option for you. Pay attention that cold are better than hot wallets. For a better security of your digital wallet, here are few tips we want to recommend for extra safety: update your software regularly, backup your wallet, don’t keep your money in exchanges, use a new browser each time you want to access the online wallet, keep your keys protected.

Check the best Bitcoin desktop wallets for keeping the crypto on your computer below.

For starters, the best desktop wallet is Exodus. The most secure is considered to be Armory, while Atomic is easy to use and Jaxx gives protection by a PIN feature.

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals – bitcoin deposit and withdrawals are processed instantly without verification. No banking authorities are involved in the banking process. The crypto is processed through the crypto wallet addresses. Desired sums are immediately transferred after confirmation.
  • No or low fees – you’ll be charged with no commissions or very tiny fees from a casino side. A BTC transaction cannot be reversed, but can be refunded by the operator receiving the money. The system usually won’t let you send crypto to an invalid address, but it’s best to check everything twice before any transaction.
  • No exchange commission – when it comes to crypto-only casinos, you won’t have to make exchanges. When one door closes another opens! If you play with BTC at a crypto original casino, the money isn’t a subject to conversion.
  • The advantages list has just come to the end and while we hate to see it finished, it does mean it is a time for more of our HACKS! Yes, get ready to find more tips before you’ll decide which hack was the most useful! Newcomers and professional experienced bitcoinplayers are welcome to make your choice.

    Hack 3. Don’t Neglect Crypto Casinos Cons

    Bitcoin betting requires new skills and expert knowledge. The crypto casinos has been existing since 2013-2012 and have been going through highs and lows for the years. And we’ve seen the crypto currencies at their worst. I think that’s why players feel insecure to turn to the digital money, because they still find it a WILD RIDE. The major is the transaction process one-wayness, you are unable to cancel/reverse the money transaction if sent.

    No wonder the lack of knowledge stops many gamblers from a play, the more when the drawbacks don’t stop here. Check 5 bitcoin casinos cons we’ve found and don’t want you to neglect below:

    • Crypto volatility – their price is unstable, it has been going up and low once in a while. Price fluctuations of the crypto currencies on the exchanges are driven by many factors. Volatility in Bitcoin and other crypto don’t have a generally accepted index since the digital money is still in the nascent stages. Also we do know that BTC is capable of volatility in the form of 10x changes in price versus the dollar. So, fiat money is considered to be more stable.
    • Regulation problem – most sites have only 1 license from Curacao, famous for its poor work. Crypto casinos can operate without gambling commissions approval. However, such agencies check not only legal aspect of online casino, but also assure banking services stable and lawful work.
    • Casino fees – withdrawing your wins in cryptocurrency, casinos can make you pay fees. Some operators still charge it for crypto withdrawals, so if any small miner’s fee is possible at their customer support first.
    • No refund – you can reverse a bitcoin transfer. Bitcoin or another coin transfers are impossible to reverse. The only way to get a refund would be by communicating directly with BTC casinos online. So play at BTC online casinos you trust only.
    • Technical know-how – you have to be tech-savvy to set up a wallet and store your crypto securely.

    Hack 4. Differ Safe and Secure BTC Casinos for Bitcoin Gambling

    Perhaps nothing this year has been more surprising (in a good way) than Bitcoin casinos gaining popularity among thrill-seekers. In fact, as we investigated the subject after multiple big wins were announced across the websites, and we knew our readers were in a long wait for our list of the best BTC gambling sites too. But your security first! A quick check of the best Bitcoin casinos will do no harm, in fact, helps you differ the safest candidates for a play with BTC.


    Got a SECRET and can’t keep it? That’s we. We are thrilled bitcoin online casinos spilled theirs! Operators accepting the crypto currency have no need in permits from governments to operate online casino. While to apply the UK Gambling Commission, Malta, Isle of Man, Aland Islands Gibraltar, Antigua and Barbuda, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Kahnawake, or New Jersey license, online casinos should pay the associated fees. It may be between $30,000 and $150,000 solely for application!

    Through our exclusive study, we found out about the gambling business tax paid each month which ranges between 1% and 9% from casino revenues. Many casino sites were found saving on licenses. Luckily not all best bitcoin casinos, atop of other security certificates among which is all data SSL encryption, some adopt the Curacao license, however, which is considered to be “so-so”. How to check the validality of license for yourself, read in the quick guide below:

    • go to the bottom of bitcoin casino site,
    • check seals of licenses in the footer of a crypto website,
    • click on the icon to find out its number and issue date.

    Restricted Territories

    There is a myth that bitcoin casinos accept players from all over the world and crypto gambling is legal everywhere. NO. Though the anonymous registration, there is a long list of prohibited locations and jurisdictions. Thereby, you are allowed or not to gamble at the casino depends on the country your reside.

    So, if you search for legal bitcoin gambling site, then you’re to be responsible and check the laws of your government. Hence, mBit casino, King Billy casino, BetKing, Betcoin, CryptoWild, BitcoinPenguin, 7Bit casino, Oshi Casino, Bitcasino, Fortune Jack casino (otherwise known as FortuneJack), and other brands have the roll of forbidden countries depending on the platform and/or game providers. We advise to check the privacy policy, general terms where the info is described in detail and/or contact customer service to specify the aspect before getting started.

    24/7 Customer Care

    Just do everything that you normally would do. Make a trial and contact customer support of Bitcoin casino and have no exceptions for the best casino sites. There are fake online casinos run by 2-3 individuals who rake in Bitcoin from newbies making deposit or deposits. As you can imagine, such support agent gives no response or little information. While it looks like such casino sites function normally having the email address and/or live chat support to get in touch with them presented on the site.

    Best Casino Providers for Bitcoin Gambling

    We love the software providers, and I have a belief you do too. For those who didn’t already know, today you can play at best Netent casinos, try your favorite Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, BGaming, Belatra games for crypto money online. As crypto fans already know, popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, ZCash that we love to see. Oh yes, we’re totally talking about a broader range of currencies. Take a look at some of our favorite software suppliers on offer below.

    As you already know the difference, it is clearly that not all of the BTC casino games are provably fair or based on blockchain. Only the original are. If you are looking for the specific content, you have to be ready to face the unfamiliar titles, because they are developed by the casino developers and have not got a chance to enter the top casino game lists yet. Moreover, the slot machine fans are in the worst position, because it is a real challenge for software providers to put slots on blockchain – too massive content.

    Bitcoin Casino Reviews

    Fair warning: negative testimonials or absence of any information regarding a casino tells about the casino being a rogue. Luckily, you can read players feedback, check reviews, monitor special blogs kept by watchdog portals prior getting into the gameplay. We mean, I’m sure there will be some bumps down your play, but we don’t think that they’ll be anything out of the norm.

    Hack 5. Play the Best Casino Games with Bitcoin

    The fun has just begun! As the countdown before you start playing for bitcoins continues, our team isn’t wasting anytime searching for the best crypto games online for you to consider first of all. Our experts in casino games has learned that online enthusiasts won’t be limited in their choice of video slots, poker, blackjack and other popular entertainments in the internet.

    And yes, all gaming content is available in mobile format. As for bets, they equals their price in real money at the up to date currency rate of online casino. For details, you can address the question to a particular operator or get acquainted with the information on their terms and conditions page.

    Need the best gambling games? Mega Moolah, Troll Hunters, Satoshi’s Secret, Starburst slots, Lightning and Live Roulette are on offer, which means there’s plenty of cool slot machines and card, table titles, all top rated and new. But which of these casino games have the largest BTC payouts? That’s the question we’re attempting to answer by taking a look at some of the bitcoin casino winners to determine which ones are the coolest of all.

    And look, we’re probably missing some good (or bad) ones, but we’re here to talk about the most memorable. If we don’t even remember the titles, do they even matter?

    Below, you’ll find our ranking of some of the GREATEST WINS, beginning with the worst, which is no judgment on abilities of a player. In this case, some of their bets just really didn’t work, and that’s OK, because as you will see, there’s room to grow.

    • BitStarz Casino customer gained 15 BTC.
    • Cloudbet Casino user got 53 BTC at Live Roulette
    • Bitcoin Video Casino gambler pulled off a 74 BTC win
    • Cloudbet Casino winner banked 87 BTC at Lightning Roulette
    • BetChain Casino user won 174 BTC
    • Cloudbet Casino player snatched 216 BTC in Troll Hunters game
    • High roller “Nakowa” hit 11,000 BTC

    Attention! Casinos like BitStarz owned by Direx N.V. don’t accept UK gamblers.

    Hack 6. Do Double Check of Casino Banking Limits

    Most bitcoin casinos accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal deposits, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard payment methods and of course Bitcoins. But we recommend checking the possible payment options range, casino charges, deposit/withdrawal limits, required documents and their timing prior creating any accounts and play for real.

    Some options would be unavailable due to different countries regulations. For example, PayPal is not available for Canadians. Instead, Aussies and New Zealanders can use this web wallet. Also, though the casinos allow making a very tiny min deposit between 0.001 m฿ and 1 m฿ ($0.008c-$8), there are amount restrictions, oftentimes, making it impossible to take the advantage over the minimum deposits.

    If you are excited to try gambling with bitcoins – which becomes very popular in 2021 — wait until you see how simply the process is! This paragraph is all about new money and bitcoin transactions, new guides on the blog. Oh, yes, if you’re a bitcoin fan, there are a few things you should know about the deposits and withdraws at the best bitcoin casinos like transaction fees, altcoins supported, max cash outs, minimum deposit, timeframes, and other nuances. Get the explanation below.

    • Deposit
    • Withdraw

    Here’s everything you need to know to make your first deposit using your crypto wallet and gamble:

    Step 1 Register your bitcoin wallet. For that the email is needed. Step 2 Add bitcoins to your wallet refilling the casino with Paysafecard on the wallet itself. Step 3 Or get the crypto over the counter, exchanges, ATM’s and go to the casino cashier. Step 4 Choose bitcoin payment method in a deposit menu. Step 5 Enroll the amount and your bitcoin wallet address. Step 6 After the transaction verification, the money will show up in your account.

    Bitcoin withdrawals are swift and easy. To withdraw the crypto money, follow the guide:

    Step 1 Importantly, check if bitcoin withdrawal is available at a chosen casino. Step 2 Visit cashier and select the needed payment option for fast withdrawals. Step 3 Enter the address of your wallet with bitcoins for instant payouts. Step 4 Point out the amount you want to cash out that doesn’t exceed the limits. Step 5 Confirm the transaction.

    Hack 7. Clues for Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

    It looks like bonuses and promotions still come in different sizes and forms! In 2021, bitcoin casino bonuses differ on Signup and Ongoing, No deposit and Deposit offers. In fact, the casinos suggest Loyalty Programs with a variety of promos, exclusive tournaments for the crypto players, usually meant for most loyal ones.

    For the special occasions, you may opt for special gifts, deposit matches up to $1,000 and bonus rounds. As for the the terms, casinos keep terms classic and obligatory to follow. The wagering requirements remain 40x-60x. However, we have observed a mass of various propositions for newcomers and regular players, so here are 4 clues for the best BTC casino bonuses:

    • match over 150%
    • bonus limit goes up to 5 BTC
    • 150+ free spins extra
    • 40x wagering requirement

    Besides that, choosing not hybrid, but original crypto casinos, you can get some exclusive Free BTC Faucet that can be 0-2 BTC that is valid for new users only. It’s a great way to try your hand and enjoy bitcoin games prior to depositing the account. Yes, the crypto casinos require bitcoin gamblers to open an account to receive the attractive offer. That’s all. It’s just amazing, but the truth. However, don’t forget to learn the rules and bonus terms to avoid the problems in the future.

    While you’ll have to specify the bonus terms and play rules for each BTC bonus on your own, I can share some inside specifications of the often-met casino offers, like ‘Reload’ or ‘Welcome’, in the Internet.

    • Welcome Bonuses. They can be of all types and sizes! Popular bitcoin casino sites try to attract players all ways possible. So, you can find promotions or a package of prizes, like 200 Free Spins, 25 at average USD or EUR, BCH, ETH, LTC, mBTC FREE, or other cryptos equivalent, for playing all possible games – sports betting, races, live dealer games, slots, blackjack (i.e. European Blackjack), roulette, poker games, and so on.
    • Reload Bonuses. If you’re a VIP online bitcoin casino player, you’ll get back 10% or 15% of every deposit made. Otherwise, it is a one-time deposit bonus of around 50%, available right after you make your second or third deposits. Terms abd Conditions always apply.

    5 FAQ about Bitcoin Casinos & BTC Gambling

    Ten years of reviewing online casinos for real money in, we are continuing to learn how to make players gambling experience the best it can be. So, the next big thing will take us to the frequently asked questions, we were trying to collect throughout forums, casino reviews for Canadians and other countries, and various blogs, and our answers below.

    • Where can I buy bitcoins?
    • You can purchase bitcoins using special services like Bitstamp,, Coinbase, or Spicepay.
    • What is the minimum amount of money for deposits and withdrawals?
    • You can upload the funds in a minimum amount of around 0.005 BTC. While there are no minimum limits for BTC withdrawals.
    • How Do I stay anonymous at BTC online casino?
    • Don’t give any individual information to a casino operator and avail of a different bitcoin wallet address each time you make a transfer.
    • Are my bitcoins safe at the crypto casinos?
    • Casinos divide all Bitcoin operations into various groups by wallet types: so called cold, semi-cold and hot wallets, all of which are SSL encrypted.
    • Can I trust provably fair bitcoin casinos?
    • Yes. Trustworthy Bitcoin casinos don’t manipulate the results, their “house edge” is enough to make a profit.


    It’s that time to draw the line under the best bitcoin gambling sites. They are pretty similar to other real money casinos, at some points, they excel the opponents. And while this is also a new way of legal real money gambling worldwide, I’d like to raise some important issues – Fairness and customer care. And what is even more important – its provably fair work. The hybrid Bitcoin casinos must be considered above the rest if you get into the idea of a play with crypto.

    Best Bitcoin Casinos – Bitcoin Crypto Casino Sites

    The best Bitcoin casino and crypto casinos listed here that never default on payments. Yes, we’re leading with this. If you wonder why because it’s all that matters. When you play a casino game at the best BTC casinos with real money, and you win. You want your money, or bitcoins as quickly as possible.

    This is where the Casinowhizz team comes in. Moreover, we’re not going to sell you the usual sales talk about crypto casinos without stating all the facts. Make no mistake, our top online casinos that accept Bitcoin and other cryptos are the best. Why? Because the top BTC USA online casinos have been dealing with bitcoin for many years. They know how the crypto space works and what makes it tick. Funny as this may sound but when we talk about crypto casinos Bitcoin always pops up.

    The games of the best BTC casinos are provably fair. So, you don’t have to worry that the Bitcoin casinos rig them. Furthermore, the BTC casinos we promote offer bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, free spins, and comps. All the free stuff is there for there taking at our trustworthy casinos that deal exclusively with Bitcoin. There’s not much difference between a Bitcoin casino and traditional online casinos.

    The main reason why players use Bitcoin to play at casinos. It’s safe, fast, cheap and it offers the user a degree of anonymity.

    24k Casino

    100% €/$2000 Bonus Or $4,200 AUD Promo code: Not Needed

    Whizz hot?

    • Big game library and banking methods
    • 3000+ Games
    • Decent bonus with amicable terms
    • Massive Live casino offering

    Players from France accepted

    Casino Extreme

    330% Welcome Bonus up to €/$250 Promo code: 333WHIZZ

    Whizz hot?

    • Bitcoin accepted
    • Instant Cashouts
    • SSL encryption software
    • Software tested for safety by TST
    • Live chat 24/7

    Players from France accepted

    Wild Casino

    250% Welcome Bonus To $5000 Promo code: WHIZZ250

    Whizz hot?

    • Sublime bonus package of up to $5,000
    • Bonus wagering is fair
    • Withdrawals are cleared fast
    • Live Casino

    Players from France accepted

    MYB Casino

    300% Bonus To $2000 + 20 Freespins Promo code: MYBCWHIZZ

    Whizz hot?

    • U.S Players Accepted
    • Fast cash outs
    • VIP rewards program
    • Comps and cash back on losses

    Players from France accepted

    New Vegas

    410% Bonus Up To $4000 Promo code: 410WHIZZ

    Whizz hot?

    • 5% Cashback Weekly
    • Multi Currencies
    • 3000% Rival Slots Bonus
    • Live Casino
    • Instant Crypto Deposits

    Players from France accepted

    Big Spin Casino

    500% to $3000 + 25 Free spins Promo code: BSCWHIZZ

    Whizz hot?

    • Large bouquet of browser-based games
    • Plenty of bonuses
    • Straightforward banking and Free bonus register bitcoin casino malaysia security
    • Live chat

    Players from France accepted

    Sloto Cash Casino

    200% $7777 Bonus Plus 300 Free Spins Promo code: SLOTO1MATCH

    Whizz hot?

    • U.S players accepted
    • One Of The Most Trusted
    • High RTP
    • Progressive jackpots with 7 figures

    Players from France accepted


    260% To $10,000 Welcome Bonus Promo code: WHIZZVIP

    Whizz hot?

    • Bonuses are massive
    • Multi-million dollar progressive slots pool
    • Pays BTC within minutes
    • Accepts Americans and Australians

    Players from France accepted

    Royal Ace Casino

    Claim 400% Up to $4,000 Promo code: CASINO400

    Whizz hot?

    • Nice assortment of download and instant play RTG games
    • Large sign on bonus
    • Regular promotions
    • VIP program

    Players from France accepted


    300% up to $3,000 Welcome Bonus Exclusive Promo code: WHIZZ300

    Whizz hot?

    • Modern design
    • Accepts players from America
    • Swift support
    • Progressive jackpots

    Players from France accepted

    High Country Casino

    500% Bonus To $2,500 +50% Cash Back Promo code: 500WHIZZ

    Whizz hot?

    • Plenty of bonuses
    • RTG portfolio of games
    • Accepts Bitcoin
    • Cashback on losses

    Players from France accepted

    24VIP Casino

    $1000 Welcome Bonus + 240 FS Promo code: Not Needed

    Whizz hot?

    • Nice variety of games
    • Progressive jackpots of up to $1 million
    • Bitcoin accepted
    • Mobile play supported

    Players from France accepted

    Cherry Gold Casino

    350% Welcome Bonus Up To $3500 Promo code: WHIZZ350

    Whizz hot?

    • A complete portfolio of RTG games
    • Cryptocurrency accepted
    • A vast array of bonuses and promotions
    • Responsive mobile-friendly design

    Players from France accepted

    Roaring 21 Casino

    210% Welcome Bonus Up To $4300 Promo code: Not Needed

    Whizz hot?

    • Operator can be trusted
    • Nice variety of RTG games
    • Bitcoin accepted
    • USA players welcome

    Players from France accepted

    Sun Palace Casino

    400% Bonus up To $10,000 Promo code: 400BONUS

    Whizz hot?

    • Nice variety of RTG games
    • Proven track record
    • RTG progressive jackpots
    • Deposit bonuses are massive

    Players from France accepted

    Casino Max

    310% Welcome Bonus up to $9100 Promo code: WHIZZ310

    Whizz hot?

    • Trusted operator
    • Huge sign on bonus
    • Bitcoin Accepted
    • Good customer support

    Players from France accepted

    Red Dog Casino

    Welcome Bonus 300% Up To $3000 Promo code: WHIZZ300

    Whizz hot?

    • Players from America welcome
    • Support is good
    • Bitcoin offered
    • Games are certified

    Players from France accepted

    Exclusive 175% Sign-Up Casino Bonus, up to $1000 + $20 Free Chip Promo code: WHIZZX

    Whizz hot?

    • Casino, live dealer casino and sports betting
    • Live support
    • Cash back on losses
    • Progressive slot jackpots

    Players from France accepted

    Cherry Jackpot

    410% Welcome Bonus Up To $4,100 Promo code: WHIZZ410

    Whizz hot?

    • Backed by solid management
    • No player complaints to date
    • Bitcoin offered
    • Exclusive welcome bonus

    Players from France accepted

    Vegas Crest Casino

    Claim 500% up to $2,500 + 25 Free Spins Promo code: WHIZZ25FREE

    Whizz hot?

    • Quality game library (420+ games)
    • Huge welcome bonus package with free spins
    • Top-notch rewards program
    • Live chat

    Players from France accepted

    Slots LV Casino

    Claim 200% Up To $5000 Promo code: Not Needed

    Whizz hot?

    • Download or instant play available
    • Full mobile compatible site
    • 24 hour customer support
    • Certified fair gaming

    Players from France accepted

    Ignition Casino

    100% Up to $2,000 or 200% To $3000 For Bitcoin Deposits Promo code: No Promo Code Needed

    Whizz hot?

    • Instant play RTG and Rival game library
    • Bitcoin offered
    • Progressive jackpots
    • Fast cash outs

    Players from France accepted


    200% Welcome Bonus Up to $600 Promo code: WHIZZ200

    Whizz hot?

    • Instant Play Certified Betsoft casino games
    • Live Dealer Casino
    • Rock-solid reputation
    • Customer support is fast and professional

    Players from France accepted

    Uptown Aces Casino

    Claim The Welcome Bonus Of 250% Up to $8888 Promo code: UPTOWN1ACES

    Whizz hot?

    • Trusted Deckmedia Brand
    • Big Bonuses
    • Mobile Dedicated Site
    • Bitcoin Accepted

    Players from France accepted

    Spartan Slots

    675% Welcome Bonus to $6,750 + 150 FS Promo code: No Promo Code Needed

    Whizz hot?

    • Nice variety of Betsoft and Rival slots
    • Huge sign on bonuses
    • Fast cash outs and sterling support
    • 7-figure progressive jackpots
    • Progressive wins paid in one lump sum
    • Accepts Bitcoin

    Players from France accepted

    Slots Of Vegas

    300% Welcome bonus up to $2,500 Promo code: NEW300

    Whizz hot?

    • Huge welcome bonus with low play-through
    • Accepts Bitcoin and players from the United States, Australia
    • Live support that’s available 24/7
    • TST deems the games fair

    Players from France accepted

    Grand Fortune Casino

    Free $50 No Deposit Bonus Promo code: WHIZZ50NDB

    Whizz hot?

    • Huge sign on bonuses
    • Daily and weekly promotions
    • VIP area that offers even bigger cash rewards
    • Fast cash outs

    Players from France accepted

    Best Bitcoin Casinos Online 2020

    Safety and security play an integral role in any Bitcoin casino‘s operation. We’ll never invest our time, and resources, let alone our bitcoins at a Bitcoin casino if it’s not trustworthy. The below list contains our best casinos that accept virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, and Dogecoin.

    What makes a BTC casino safe? The Bitcoin site must have a license in jurisdictions like Malta, Curacao, Costa Rica, and Panama. Some casino gamblers say a license doesn’t mean jack. Since there are some Bitcoin casinos with licenses that still don’t pay their players. The reason why the site does not honor payments there might be a problem with the player’s documents. Or, the player abused the casino’s terms and conditions.

    However, a license demonstrates that the bitcoin casino is serious about its business. Besides, the top Bitcoin casino sites in the USA strive to leave a legacy with or without a license. But, more importantly, our top BTC casinos have tens of thousands of real money bitcoin depositors every day. A reputable BTC casino always pays its players.

    BTC casino sites protect player information with 256-SSL keys. Banks across the world use it therefore it’s akin to that of a vault – no one will steal your info! Only play at the Bitcoin casinos Casinowhizz recommends. Remember, when you transfer your bitcoins to an online casino. Double-check if you have the right BTC address of the Bitcoin casino. If you send your Bitcoins to the wrong address you’ll lose them all.

    Why Players Like Bitcoin Casinos

    When cryptos pop up in any conversation the discussion always ends up with Bitcoin. Players love BTC casinos because they offer hundreds of casino games from different software providers.

    Players can now explore with alternative cryptos like Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash. In fact, the list of friendly cryptocurrency casinos continues to grow. BTC casinos are available 24/7 and you can play any game quickly with a big bonus in your pocket.

    BTC Bonus Codes

    A BTC bonus is the first perk online casino sites award to their customers. The purpose of the BTC Bonus is to attract new players. Note, the bonus offers change as the price of BTC fluctuates. At the time of writing 1BTC = $18,257.99. The exclusive bonuses are in bold.

    1. 24K Casino – 100% up to 0.17 BTC or AUD$4 ,200 + 100 Free Spins. The wagering requirement is 45x and requires no bonus code.
    2. MYB Casino – Exclusive Bonus 300% bonus package up to BTC0.11 or $2,000. Use the USA bonus code for the bonus is MYBCWHIZZ. The WR is 30xd+b for slots.
    3. BitStarz Casino – 100%, 50%, 50%, 100% bonus package up to 5BTC + 180 Free Spins. The WR is 40x.
    4. Wild Casino – Bonus package worth $9,000 or 0.5BTC. The first deposit bonus code is 300% up to $3,000. The WR is 45x for slot machines.
    5. Spinfinity Casino – New depositors receive a 500% cryptocurrency bonus.
    6. Ignition Casino – 200% up to $3,000 crypto bonus.
    7. BoVegas Casino – Exclusive Bonus 300% up to $3,000 bonus code WHIZZ300. The WR 50x for slots/pokies.
    8. Las Vegas USA Casino – Exclusive crypto bonus 400% up to $3,000 use the code 400WHIZZ. The WR is 40x for slots.
    9. High Country Casino – Exclusive500% bonus to $2,500 + 50 Cash Back. The promo code is 500WHIZZ. The WR 20x.
    10. CasinoMax – Exclusive bonus of 310% up to $9,100. Use the code WHIZZ310.

    Bitcoin Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements Explained

    Here we give you an example of how the deposit bonus works. If the crypto casino advertises a bonus of 100% up to BTC0.005 and you deposit mBTC0.005. As a result, the casino matches your deposit with a BTC bonus of mBTC0.005. You have a total of BTC0.010 or $200 to play with.

    Certain bonuses have a bonus code that you must provide first at the BTC casino’s Cashier. To claim a bonus you must make a minimum deposit of $40 or more. In addition, every bonus has a wagering requirement (WR).

    If the bonus wagering is 40x. It means that you must clear the WR before the casino will release your winnings. USA casino bonuses in general are sticky bonuses. Upon completion of the WR, the casino will deduct it from your winnings. Anything above 40x is steep. Before you accept the casino’s Bitcoin bonus check the bonus terms.

    BTC Package Bonuses

    The best Bitcoin casinos offer package bonuses. In other words, the casino spreads the bonus over four or five consecutive deposits. A good example of a BTC casino that offers a package bonus is 24K Casino. The total bonus package is worth 2,000 Euros:

    • The 1st deposit bonus is 100% up to €300.
    • The 2nd bonus is 50% up to €300.
    • The 3rd bonus is 40% up to €400.
    • The 4th and final bonus is 25% up to €1,250.

    24K Casino throws in another treat of 100 Free Spins on hand-picked slot games.

    Another Bitcoin site that has a great package bonus of up to $7,777 + Free Spins is Sloto Cash. Total or package bonuses are popular because they are good value for money. They allow players to play plenty of games they can’t play with just their normal bankrolls. Remember to check the terms of the bonus before you grab it.

    No Deposit & Free Spins Bitcoin Casinos

    The Top casinos BTC give players a no-deposit bonus to test their games with no risk. It can be 10 Free Spins or $10, players can use it mainly to play slots. Even better, if you win money with your no deposit bonus, the BTC casino lets you keep it! No deposit bonuses have a max win cap on them. In other words, you can only win small amounts of cash.

    Sloto Cash Casino throws in a cracking 300 Free Spins. Another top Bitcoin casino that offers a no deposit bonus of 25 Free Spins is BitStarz Casino. You have to register an account at the casino first before you become eligible for a bonus.

    Bitcoin Games

    Bitcoin casinos list casino games for every type of player. Whether it is table games, slots, big jackpot slots, video poker, bingo, keno, or scratchies. You name it, they have it. Mobile casino depositors can access the games from mobile phones. The games are fully compatible with iOS and Android phones.

    The most popular casino games are real money slots and table games like blackjack and roulette. Players can try their hand at baccarat, craps, pai gow poker, and red dog as well.

    BTC Slots Online

    One of the highest-paying slot machines is Cash Bandits 3. You can play the game for real money at any of our safe RTG Casinos. Slot games require no skill and they’re really fun to play. If you haven’t played a casino game for money with BTC before. Slots are always a good start.

    The best Bitcoin casinos online have hundreds of slot machines with a variety of themes. RTPs of 96% and above. Plenty of bonus rounds that include Free Spins, Re-spins, Wilds, and huge jackpots. Moreover, Bitcoin customers can play slot games with a small or big bankroll. The best Bitcoin casinos to play slots are 24K Casino, MYB, and Lucky Tiger Casino.

    Bitcoin Blackjack

    Blackjack or 21 isn’t the casino’s most popular table game for nothing. The purpose of blackjack is to make a total of 21. Or, as close to it as possible without going bust. Aside from the standard Bitcoin blackjack, there are other blackjack BTC variations. They are Pontoon, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, and Down Under Blackjack.

    Crypto Live Dealer Casinos: Blockchain and Live Gaming

    The latest fad in online casino gaming at Bitcoin casinos are live dealer casinos. If you want to know more, visit our live USA casinos. Live Casinos have taken the crypto gambling world by storm thanks to Evolution Gaming. It stands to reason that online gaming companies want to keep their options open especially when it comes to Bitcoin.

    You can now play live Bitcoin blackjack, live roulette, live poker, and Monopoly Live: Dream Edition against real live dealers. The best part is you can do so with Bitcoin or any other virtual currency. The Bitcoin casino streams the games in real-time to your PC. Just for showing up, the casino gives you a bonus to play any live casino game.

    The best live dealer Bitcoin casinos we recommend are Ignition and MYB Casinos. Just for stopping by, they shower you with friendly customer service and a bonus on the house!

    Mobile Casinos & Bitcoin

    Nowadays everything is mobile. As such players can register an account at any casino that deals with cryptos. Moreover, the mobile Bitcoin casinos we work with are fully responsive. The site scales the game down for you so that it fits the screen of your mobile phone. Don’t you agree it’s exciting to play any crypto game on the go!

    You can access any game seamlessly on an iPhone, or Android device. There’s no need to download the mobile app of the Bitcoin mobile casino because all of them are responsive. BTC sites that work exceptionally well on mobile phones are BitStarz and 24K Casino.

    How Do I Use Bitcoin At Online Casinos?

    The first thing you need is a BTC wallet to store your bitcoins. The best Bitcoin wallets for USA online casino gamblers are Coinbase, Trezor, and Edge. Edge is good for mobile bitcoin gamblers. Once you have a BTC wallet. You can purchase bitcoins with your credit or debit card.

    Now that I have my bitcoins what now? The first step is to find an online casino that you can trust and that accepts Bitcoin. Casinowhizz only works with the safest online casinos that accept BTC. So, that’s a good start! We suggest you create a new receiving address for every BTC transfer you make.

    A popular misconception about bitcoin is that it provides full anonymity at casinos. This is not true. Bitcoin provides a degree of anonymity we call pseudonymous.

    What Are The Payment Options At Bitcoin Casinos?

    You can now send and withdraw your bitcoins from BTC online casinos almost instantly. Although BTC deposits are almost instant. The time it takes to receive bitcoins from online casinos takes up to 24 hours.

    The minimum deposit for Bitcoin is $25 up to $10,000. While Bitcoin casino gamblers online can withdraw $BTC2,000 up to $BTC15,000 per week. There are no transaction fees when players withdraw their money out of the casino. That said, you’ll have to fork out a small mining fee of around $1.

    Aside from just an email address. The Bitcoin casinos require proof of identity like a copy of your passport. A bank statement, and a utility bill.

    What Are The Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos?

    The biggest advantage Bitcoin holds is that it serves as an alternative to fiat currencies. As a software code, BTC lasts forever and 1 BTC contains 100 million bits. Bitcoin is portable. Therefore, casino gamblers can move their bitcoins at a fraction of a cost to any BTC site.

    Although BTC is pricey and volatile, it holds a store of value just like gold. Moreover, Bitcoin transactions are fast. There are Bitcoin casinos that conclude BTC payments within 10 minutes. BTC Casinos online that accept Bitcoin charge a small withdrawal fee. However, you’ll still have to pay the miners a small fee. We suggest you use a minimum of $BTC100 when you play at Bitcoin casinos.

    Bitcoin casinos give their players exclusive bonuses of up to 500% on deposit. Furthermore, active BTC depositors score extras such as Free Spins, reload bonuses, and cashback on the bitcoins they lost. Equally important, BTC casinos have plenty of provably fair games.

    Sites that accept Bitcoin are secure and bitcoin gambling provides a degree of anonymity. For added security, you can make a new BTC address after each transaction. BTC is great to hang onto because it’s not subject to inflation.

    The price of Bitcoin will increase in the future because it’s scarce. We must say the first 10 years of Bitcoin have been phenomenal. So much so, we look forward to the next few years!

    What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Bitcoins In Gambling?

    The price of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot, one moment it’s up and the next moment it’s down. Bitcoin can be risky. When you transfer bitcoins to an online casino make sure you have the right BTC address. If you accidentally send your bitcoins to the wrong address there are no chargebacks! Therefore, you run the risk of losing all your money.

    Regrettably, crime syndicates use Bitcoin to launder money and other nefarious activities. There’s always the risk that governments can restrict it on a national level.

    In Conclusion

    As volatile as Bitcoin is we look forward to its future as it continues to grow and offer value. One thing’s for certain the world’s foremost cryptocurrency is not going anywhere soon. We tried our best to give a detailed guide to the best Bitcoin casinos and other cryptos. If you like it please bookmark this page and spread the word on social media. This was our article about the best bitcoin casinos in 2020. See you in 2021!

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