Ted Harty's Art of Free Diving And Amazing Training Regime

People have been flooded with the love and the craze for water sports like anything.

Soccer, cricket, rugby, snooker, golf, tennis are very much there and is well-played and well-appreciated. But when anyone mentions about water sports a current of excitement, thrill, adventure and kick sets in. One doesn't like them only because they sound interesting but play and Freediving Suit pursue them as they are courageous and exhilarating.

Scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, canoeing, are some of the water sports which makes you enjoy the water life on the surface as well as explore beneath.

One fine morning you wake up and decide that you will do scuba diving or free diving, that might not be wise.

Even if to enjoy at amateur level one has to get acclimatized with basic yet obligatory steps. Scuba diving has become a favorite water sport for the families or couples holidaying by the beach. Free diving is not everyone's cup of tea provided you decide on freediving training.

Free diving is all about holding your breath long while you dive deep down under the sea loaded with fins and mask.

This catch of holding the breath comes with regulated training and years of practice, something that ted harty has excelled in. Currently stationed in Florida, ted harty is a well-known name in the field of free diving. The Freediving Suit training program under his instruction and guidance is aimed at enabling men and women with the skill of learning free diving and exploring the underwater life.

When you first start learning free diving, you have to bear in mind that it is a game which requires maintaining the body in such a condition where oxygen demand is slowed down from few seconds to minutes.

So when you start this, remember the two tricks which ted harty also emphasizes -diving deep and staying down for long. When I was first introduced to this fantastic sport, I was little scared. I took long to learn swimming and till date thank my instructor for enduring my slow-learning tendency.

Free diving is still a big feat for me as I am struggling to dive correctly.

When I see those boys and girls who dive like dream, my heart is whooped with joy. But I am sure to learn this soon as I am interested to go for freediving training. I know you must be thinking if I will express my desire to get into the training regime by ted harty, well I certainly would.

The reason I didn't mention that blatantly because I am yet to gain rock solid confidence in my preliminary skill of floating well and diving in correct nature.

In 2010, a much more fit Ted went back to PFI’s annual competition. This year his new personal best was 65 meters (213 feet).

Ted started Immersion <a website in 2010 in order to focus on teaching freediving in South Florida. Ted is currently teaching PFI courses with Kirk and Mandy and on his own with Immersion Freediving.

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