v9bet Introdution

And if you take things further… know that there’s a taste, too

Question time: Whose genitals taste like apple pie? Nobody’s!

Usually, cocks taste salty, umami, or earthy flavored.

“Taste can be minorly affected by the diet someone keeps, but is more often affected by the hygiene practices that someone maintains,” notes Corrado.

So long as your boo showers regularly it should taste A-OK.

Remember: Hand sex still has risks (and so does oral)

“Hand sex is one of the lower risk sex acts; however, it isn’t risk-free for the giver or receiver,” says Searah Deysach, longtime sex educator v9bet and owner of Early to Bed, a pleasure-product company in Chicago that ships worldwide.

“Little cuts on hands and fingers could make either person susceptible to spreading or catching blood-borne STIs,” explains Deysach.

Likewise, if one partner has a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and touches their junk before they touch yours, STI transmission can occur.

“If one or both partners has an STI (or don’t know their status), wearing a latex or nitrile gloves can reduce risk,” adds Deysach.