William and Kate's anniversary shows they are NOT trapped

However Marcia graciously insisted that ‘I don’t want to say anything negative about anybody, honestly. It was my perception that somebody wasn’t so happy, but you never know what people have going on.’

“Everyone I know who is Asian has been a victim of violence or harassment, assault,” she told AFP in New York.

“We get spat at, we get yelled at. We get stared at, people move away when we come.”

When he speaks about getting to the level of Messi though, the give-away gesture is his eye-dart from right to left, which suggests how important this objective is to him. He might sound casual about his ambitions, saying he’s ‘not desperate’ and ‘not rushing’ but his non-verbal signals suggest strength of feeling here.

They donate so many pretty actors and actresses to the world–Hugh Grant, Sienna Miller, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Michael Gambon–that one wonders if they are using their theatrical greats to cover up for some serious national genetic deficiencies.

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Both admire dazzling wordplay, or they wouldn’t have chosen for their title music a cover of Jake Thackray’s sublime ditty, Lah-Di-Dah. Jon is naturally funny, part of the tradition of hangdog English comics that goes back to Tony Hancock.

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Or maybe For Your Sky Only…

Or should that be The Sky Who Loved Me? Anyway, it’s the 50th anniversary of the release of first Bond film Dr No on 6 October, so the new 007 channel will show the films of Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan.

He said: ‘This is a moment where we can say thank you to anyone who has helped, particularly over these last four years, I would say, where we have gone from one body blow to another.

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